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Little Caesars 18 Wheeler Cooks and Delivers 250 Pizza to Houston Homeless

We've all seen pizza delivery vehicles. Most of the time its somebody's personal car with a flag or a magnetic sign. But on March 30th Little Caesars' Love Kitchen pulled up in front of the Star of Hope's Transitional Living Center and was immediately the talk of the community. 

Everyone was excited to know that it was pizza for dinner for our hundreds of guests, and in the past this event was preceded by a parade of staff members carrying leaning towers of pizza boxes into the kitchen. But this night was different. The mobile walk - in "Love Kitchen" parked in our driveway and the staff began to prepare the meal.

The pizza kitchen on wheels travels across the United States and Canada meeting the needs of the hungry, the homeless and disaster survivors. Its great to see a national franchise with a local heart. What I like best about this program is that in each city they visit, the company recruits staff from the local stores to cook and distribute to the less fortunate and needy. This program is good on so many levels.

The pizza party? It was a HUGE success both for the clients and Little Caesars' staff. Parents and kids got to relax and feast on their favorite toppings for hours.

Take a moment to explore how Star of Hope reaches out to single women and families at our Ardmore location and to over 300 men at our Men's Development Center.

Get more information at Houston Emergency Center.

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