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Scouts find a way to "Beef Up" a Summer of Hope

St. Luke's UMC - Troop 46At grocery stores and churches all over town we've been seeing  Girl Scouts with card tables and cash boxes selling those yummy cookies. The Boy Scouts from Troop 46, St. Luke's UMC, need cash for camping equipment. So in order to "be prepared" for summer - they are selling - wait for it - BRISKETS. Yes - some door to door - but mostly in the church yard after services. Why briskets and not lemonade? Well - Steve Jenkins' family has been cooking them for generations - and it seems like a natural thing to do. So - for two days - behind the church - Steve, his family and the scouts and parents will cook "Meat for Money".
So - if they cook the beef on church grounds - would that be HOLY COW? But I digress ....
Last year was the first time they tried this - and it was a huge success - not only for the scouts - but for Star of Hope as well. It seems a member of the church ordered 7 briskets and asked them to be delivered to the homeless at the Star of Hope Mission. This started a trend - one that is being repeated this year - buyers are purchasing one for themselves  and ordering another for the Star of Hope. Last year Troop 46 presented us with 50 briskets - what a treat - and a blessing. We look forward to a similar donation this year.

The 10-12 pound briskets sell for $48 - about 1/2 of what you'd pay retail - and they are literally fresh off the grill - with Steve Jenkins' secret family recipe. Thanks to Steve and Steven Jenkins and Sandy and Vikram Seth for coming on my Talk650 Radio show and sharing all this. To find out more and to order one for your self and one for a homeless family go to this link: Troop 46.

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