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Summer of Hope Plans Will Soon Spring to Life

Make this summer a Summer of Hope with Star of HopeLast year, actually last summer, we became aware of a staggering statistic. The number of Homeless Families in Houston has almost DOUBLED in the last year. We were dealing with Families in Crisis. During the summer of 2010, Star of Hope saw more homeless at our doorsteps than ever before. Ever ....since 1907! In order to take care of God's broken children and catch those who have fallen through life's cracks, we needed funding, in kind donations, volunteers ...and prayers. The 2010 summer was indeed filled with Hope, Hope we were able to give to our clients because YOU were very generous to our Charity Houston.

Things haven't changed in almost a year. Most folks don't realize that we have more of a need in the Summer than we have during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

So we're creating new "Cab Back" advertising and radio ads to remind a busy, vacationing city that there is a real need for continued hope and continued support during the summer months. Homelessness is NOT seasonal. A bad economy, bad choices and bad luck don't take time off. May. With your help June, July and August will be a meaningful Summer of Hope.

In the next few months as you make plans to leave your home for a while to enjoy a well deserved vacation - just give a few moments of thought to a family that left their home a long time ago - with little hope of returning.

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