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College Fair Day for Homeless Teens and Young Adults!

Star of Hope Mission's College Fair Day was designed to promote excitement about higher education with teens and young adults and give basic information and guidance about financial aid and the college entrance process. Team building activities, learning the essentials of how to prepare for college, and realizing that college is possible for anybody is what this event embodied. With the help from event coordinator, Rama Grieg, and Star of Hope Alumni, Savian and Lasasha, the fair was successfully informative and interactive!

The teens and young adults participated in workshops that had them interacting with each other and working together in groups. These activities taught the teens and young adults that it is up to them to decide what route they want to take in life. Many of the teens learned about financial aid, which removed their previous perceptions that college was not financially possible. Our teens and young adults were very interactive with the guest speakers and learned a lot about the process of applying to college.  While keeping the event informative, Rama thought it would be great to let them decorate their own graduation cap and run through a mock graduation ceremony! Star of Hope alumni who made it to college spoke to the teens about getting on the right path. The teens were excited to see that young adults, who had been homeless, were able to make it to college.

Our teens and young adults were given the essential tools of how to be a successful college student, the choice is ultimately theirs! With barriers broken down for our teens and young adults, the goal for academic success with plans to attend college filled their eyes with hope!

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
-Proverbs 1:7

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