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2010 Is Almost Gone

The last month of the year is so important to all non-profits, and Star of Hope Mission is no exception. We budget approx 26 % of revenue to be received during the last month of each year. I wanted you to know how we are doing. As of last Friday, we have received 33% of our goal for the month.

We believe that December’s goal is attainable, because we believe helping Houston’s homeless through offering emergency services is too important not to make it! We have 20 days, and only need $1.9 million, to keep this important work going. I hope this year has been a year of blessing and bounty for you and your family. Could you consider helping Star of Hope offer help to those in need during the next 20 days? You can donate online, or you can mail your gift to:

Star of Hope Mission
6897 Ardmore
Houston, TX 77054

By the way, if you cannot help and you have maybe faced a challenging year, I have just prayed that God, in His infinite wisdom and immeasurable power, would personally minister to your specific needs. I find that His answer is always better than what I could ever think or dream of! Thank you for helping others in need. It is the only way that we have found to make a positive change in the lives of the homeless.

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