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April, The Month We Recognize Volunteers

host a drive for needed itemsAs we close out the month of April, the National Month of Volunteerism, we at Star of Hope Mission want to recognize the immense contribution that volunteers make at Star of Hope.  Here we use volunteers for almost everything: to paint walls and fences, tutor classes, change-out light fixtures, plant plants, and serve meals and a number of other things.  Sometimes they just conduct a drive for really important items like diapers, towels, and hygiene items.  They help Houston’s homeless population by helping Star of Hope!  It is amazing what can be done, with willing hearts that are available, ready to help; whether our client is fleeing domestic violence, or just homeless, it doesn’t matter, the work still needs to get done, the needs must be provided! 

Last year, Star of Hope received assistance from over 8,000 volunteers!  These are people just like you and me, who understand how difficult life can be and are willing to “stand up” to help someone else.  It is the most amazing thing to watch.  It is so encouraging to watch members from our community, Houston, come and partner with us to help others…

Last week, a man and his wife drove his car in to our offices and stated that he had attended our annual banquet and he was now ready to get a new car and he wanted to donate his older car to help the Star of Hope provide food and shelter necessary to help someone else!  Just to shake his hand and see the smile on his face was encouraging to me!  He knew that the proceeds from his donation would be used to help someone.  WOW!  What a blessing he was to all of us!  I encourage you to look for opportunities when you can bless someone else!  It will do your heart GOOD! 

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