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Helping Houston's Homeless Find the Brightest Star

My name is John Mills. After a lifetime in the “for profit business world” I've been with Star of Hope Mission, a homeless shelter in Houston, since 2002. I have watched over and over, as homeless clients move from virtually “no hope” with total dependence, to beginning their independent walk in a new life. Star of Hope is not just a soup kitchen in Houston! We offer Christian Ministries for such services as drug rehabilitation, emergency homeless services, parenting classes, career building classes, for battered women, men and for families. We offer care for men, single women and for families at our three homeless shelters.

Comments for Helping Houston's Homeless Find the Brightest Star

Name: Jeff Lyons
Time: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hi John i have minimul experience w/ homelessness ie feeding in the Hou CBD-I've seen people suffer w/out shelter thru the coldest/hottest nights of the years putting them further behind the next day.Personal problems on the street are myriad but a half way decent nights sleep helps greatly. facilities like yours have a max. SOH, Beacon, Brd o Life, Search, Lord of t Street, etc all do greatwork, provide effective support and still hundreds (thousands?) are left out .A very complex problem w/no quick fix. I try to imagine a specific/very focused program IE shelter from the harshest nights elements/ bed/ bathroom -emergency basis only -to start no programs no food.The details like funds, facility, liability, in-take medical/psych are many. Share your thoughts/experience or references. thank..s god bless.. congrats on your good work..

Name: Shamieka
Time: Monday, October 28, 2013

I would like to get information on how to volunteer for Thanksgiving. Please send me information.

Name: Emily
Time: Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Thank you for wanting to serve with Star of Hope! We currently have all our volunteers scheduled for the 2013 holiday season, but we serve three meals a day, 365 days a year. Please visit to sign up to become a volunteer and serve with us!
Star of Hope Mission

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