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Meeting With A Formerly Homeless Person

The other day, while at the car dealership, I was wearing my shirt with the Star of Hope logo. One of the employees stopped me to visit. It seems that she was homeless over eight years ago; she and her two young children had no place to go. They found Star of Hope Mission, our Women & Family Emergency Shelter downtown on Dowling. They received food, clothing and a safe, dry bed. Since then, she has gotten back on her feet, held her job for six years, her daughter is in the military and her son is also now on his own. As we chatted, quietly, I could see her eyes tear-up, as she reflected on how blessed she had been, to find Star of Hope Homeless Emergency Shelter. She stated that being at the Star of Hope had made all the difference to her and her little family.

It makes a person feel really good to contribute food, clothing and financial resources to an organization that offers the less fortunate a chance for peace and comfort, in their time of struggle!

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