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Childrens' Prayer Time

On any given night, nearly half of the homeless people in our Women’s & Family Emergency Shelter are children. Every afternoon, they gather with the Mission staff for “Daily Prayer Time”, where they write their prayer requests on little slips of paper. Then they sit in a circle, and a staff member leads them in prayer, reading each individual request.

Over the years, we have logged thousands of these prayer requests. Here are a few examples:

I want to pray for abused children everywhere.

I pray that my mom finds a house.

Thank you, Lord for a home.

I pray to go to the NBA.

I pray for good health, a job and a home.

I pray for everybody to get a place to stay.

Thank you God for giving me life!

I pray that I go to the NFL.

I pray that I get a house with a dog.

I pray I pass the TAKS test and become a lawyer.

I pray for a home and a car and a second chance. 

I pray that a homeless person gets a job.

I pray to God to help me stop having nightmares.

I pray to God to help me find my purpose in life.

I pray for my sister and my mom.

I want to ask you God for a home and a father.

I pray for my family to be ok.

I love you God!

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Comments for Childrens' Prayer Time

Name: Lorena
Time: Monday, January 10, 2011

Is there a way that we can particiapte during this time maybe on a weekend????

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