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O for Grace to Trust Him MORE

“O for Grace to Trust Him More.” I have sung this hymn 9849 times and just the other day on the way to work, it hit me… I need grace each day to trust the Lord more and more each day. To trust His plan is better than mine. To trust His will be done. To trust “thus saith the Lord.” To trust he works out all things for the good of those that Love Him. To trust He loves and can help the people He brings to the shelter more than any of us can. We must pray for grace to trust Him more in all areas of our life.

Side note: I’ve been listening to more old school hymns (put to a little more modern music). There is something about the way the old writers of these hymns get straight to the issues of the heart, our sin, our need for Jesus and the beauty of the cross that ties it all in together.

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