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A Child's Present, A Father's Hope

Christmas at Star of Hope - Men's Development CenterThe Bible says that the Messiah will "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" (Malachi 4:6). At the Star of Hope Men's Development Center we teach our men that there is a galactic difference between paternity and fatherhood. Paternity requires no relationship and no sacrifice. Fatherhood does. Paternity is the compromise of the Godless. Fatherhood is the mantle worn by sons of the Kingdom.

Many of our men have children from whom they have become estranged. Beneath the surface of their bluster and bravado gnaws the grief of knowing that their sin and self-serving lusts have separated these men from their boys and girls. In our shelter they come to understand that it is through the love and power of Christ alone that the grace of harmony has hope. Our men, knowing that they have demolished the blessing of fatherhood, look to Him for a miracle. So they pray for a spirit of forgiveness. They search for some opportunity to humble themselves before their children. They seek an avenue by which to demonstrate to those innocents whom they have wounded that they are new and trustworthy creations through the renewing mercy of Jesus Christ.

In three weeks, 51 men who have come here to begin again will have a simple gift to give to their children. Though not one of them has earned the money to purchase it, all will have something to give precisely because they have made the best decision possible: to come to Star of Hope where they may be cleansed and equipped for the walking of a new way. One man will have a football to give a young son. Another will have a doll to give his little girl. Each - through the generosity of Christ-honoring donors - will be supplied with a tangible expression of love's yearning. The father's hope is that his child's present will serve as another brick helping pave the pathway advancing toward a day of reconciliation.

At the Men's Development Center we expect Christ to undo the arrogant works of hell as He establishes, through the servant-leadership of redeemed fathers, multiplied houses built upon the rock. That will be an Advent-level miracle. That is what Star of Hope is about. That is what you support and love.

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