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The Grace and Mercy of Christ at the Men's Shelter

My name is Dick Druary. I am the Director of the Men's Development Center (euphemistically known as the "Men's Shelter") for Star of Hope. I am an ordained Presbyterian pastor and have served churches in Houston, TX, Orange, TX, Montgomery, AL, and Hollywood, CA. I am delighted to be helping shepherd in and through Star of Hope what is arguably the most diverse and dynamic flock imaginable. In our shelter, the Son of God displays His great and lavish love for our men as He daily meets them at their various points of impossibility and proves Himself to be both on their side and able.

Comments for The Grace and Mercy of Christ at the Men's Shelter

Name: Chester Harkins
Time: Saturday, June 12, 2010

I send my love to you my friend....all the way back to Little League baseball we were friends...I will always remember the day in the Bellaire High School library when Jesus told me to tell you how I how just come to faith in Him....I hold this memory deep in my heart of the mercy and love Jesus had for us both...

Name: Felix
Time: Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Pastor- We are so glad to share this news that on Thursday we served 1,875 guests at the beautiful Santa Monica Civic center replete with a full dinner with food that is so good my son Charlie ate three full helpings enough to quell his 6'6" frame young mans body !
As always we give thanks for everything that the day brings to the true living King and to His full glory that we fed 2,047 additional guests who came out to help serve and support! A good friend once showed me in Ezekial, that the Lord said if we would seek the welfare of the city that we too would share in the benefit as well. And so we give thanks to the Lord of all things that he has continued to bless this dinner of which our family has been a part of serving since Hana was born in 1990 ! Thanking Him formall the great mercy and joy that Father is Bringing to the shelter today and forever!

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