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Celebrate - We Are Provided For!

Charlotte - I want to help the homelessGrowing older there is a hidden tendency to find pride and value in our everyday independence disguised under the name of self-sufficiency.  The truth is as Christians we acknowledge we are only free and independent because of our reliance on Christ’s grace. Star of Hope is the perfect place for me to constantly be reminded that we are only functional because of mercy and grace.  This past month a 9 year old girl name Charlotte was the messenger of mercy, love, and grace...and was a blessing to all!   

On National Lemonade Day, Charlotte, set up a lemonade stand.  Unlike other children she didn’t spend her earnings on bubble gum, a new Barbie, or put it in her savings account for college; she gave all her money to the Homeless; $65 dollars went to help Star of Hope Homeless Kids this Summer.   

“Charlotte has seen the same homeless man everyday for the past two and a half years who cares for his dog, Applejacks, and more recently another stray.  No matter the weather, no matter how little he has for the day, both dogs are well cared for, fed and loved. She does not understand how someone who cares so much for two animals does not receive the same caring from other people.” Charlotte’s mom said.  Charlotte decided to show others in similar situation she cares… a lot.
If Charlotte carried the burden that she was her own provider she probably would not have given all the money she earned.  Charlotte knows she is provided for, therefore has the freedom to give to others.   Just like Charlotte, we are not our own provider, yet we choose to carry the burden of “independence” as if it were our own to carry.  The truth is we too are provided for well and have the freedom to give to others.  If we chose to give then we will experience joy and witness first-hand God’s provision for not only others, but ourselves as well.  As soon as we realize we cannot out give God the sooner we will be able to invest in the lives of others...and only then will we find contentment in our own wealth. Celebrate because we are provided for!

 Matthew 18:2-6 - And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” 

Charlotte has reminded me and others that my faith and my security lies not in my own self-sufficiency, but in Christ’s grace and provision.   My prayer for us---you and I is that we do not seek greed of this world, but contentment in Christ.  Honor Charlotte and acknowledge God’s sufficient provision, by matching her gift...or more!

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