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Hopeful Rainy Day Saturday Ideas

Since we are expecting some rain this weekend and we could be couped in the house all day I thought I could share some rainy day Saturday ideas that could bring hope to the homeless in your community!

1. Write Camp Notes to Star of Hope teens who will be going to camp, so that they can experience a week of being a carefree kid! You will absolutely make their day. 

2. Clean out your couch, collect your change, and on a dry day drop it by one of our missions. (Or give the exact amount online).  After-all, it only takes $1.60 to provide a meal for the hungry at one of our shelters! 

3. Get together all your clothes you haven't worn in a year+, put them in a bag, and drop them off at any of our locations!

4. Share information like this post on your favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or google plus -- to spread the news on how to help the homeless from your home!

5. Of course, shelters like ours  rely on prayers! So, please keep Houston's Homeless in your prayers. Pray they will find the financial and emotional help they need at shelter's like ours! 

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