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Me, The Newbie, at Star of Hope

As a new college graduate and generally a fickle person to begin with, I have spent the past 7 years of my life trying to dissect my soul and find my purpose. I haven’t found it, but to despite my efforts, God has put me in a position that is very purposeful. I am at Star of Hope Mission only because God lead me here.  It was only four weeks ago that I began My Season of Hope and I realized I will make a difference in at least one person life. However, daunting the task I embrace fully whatever that entails. 

To say this is my Season of Hope leads one to believe I had a season of hopelessness prior to this point in my life. Well, I did that is true and it was powerful…in a very dark, binding, I-don’t- ever- want- to- visit- that- season-again kind of way. To say this is my season of hope leads one to believe that I will in the future have a season of hopelessness. Unfortunately this is true too. I do not say this because I underestimate God’s faithfulness I say it because I know I always overestimate my own. I constantly waiver in my faith, but true to God’s form he will be there to sprinkle and cleanse my soul, yet again.

With all that being said I fully admit that my season of hopelessness looks very different than the season of hopelessness of my brothers and sisters here at Star of Hope. I know being in my new job, in my little cubicle that is within Star of Hope the sad sinful nature of humanity will be revealed, as well as, (the important part) God’s beautiful redemptive story. In this story, in this season the clients, the volunteers, the donors, the employees collide and together we approach the hope of redemption…and I am really excited to share in this season of life with them!

The Season of Hope is a celebration of what the past has taught us no matter how hard the lesson and focusing on what the future holds. As I talk with other Star of Hope employees and clients I sense the similar aura and I am excited to be intentional in those relationships, so that one day there can be a vulnerability of friendship. In that, I predict the walls fall and we celebrate life well and we truly worship God together. Although, there are many relationships here between the clients, employees, volunteers that fully encompass those ideas…I do not have any yet. However, I know in this environment that will change.

In My Season of Hope thus far I have been inspired by the love of the volunteers, the determination of the clients, the selfless example of the donors and the gentle spirit of the employees. I wanted to tell everyone thank you for allowing me to make your season of hope My Season of Hope. If at any point you want to contribute your stories pleases feel free to email me. Together we are celebrating the life God has given us through helping Houston’s Homeless.

Comments for Me, The Newbie, at Star of Hope

Name: dede
Time: Friday, April 15, 2011

N I C E , KT. Look forward to more great posts. Love you.

Name: Sara
Time: Friday, April 15, 2011

Over 18 years ago, I came to SOH as a new staff member - in a season of hopelessness. And as you said, Katelyn, true to God's form, He was there to spinkle His love, offer His comfort, cleanse my soul and bring me to a Season of Hope. Thanks for the reminder. Welcome Aboard!

Name: Becky Ferguson
Time: Sunday, April 24, 2011

God bless Katelyn on her new endeavor.

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