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Our Clients are Well Worth a Nice Meal

Provide meals for Houston's homeless. Donate food, funds or time.People are hungry in Houston. The hunger exceeds the physicality of pain and weakness and goes further into the longing and hunger for love, attention, support, comfort and acceptance. Those emotional hungers are fed at Star of Hope only after a nutritious meal physically sustains the children, men and women who haven’t eaten a full meal for days.

Since one of the first gifts from Star of Hope for a lot of clients is a hot meal, we would like to give a really great first impression of Christ’s love. Obviously, we aren’t striving to be a five star restaurant, but the thing is our clients are well worth a nice meal. The client’s value is why we are now looking for chefs to volunteer for a day, teach our kitchen staff gourmet secrets and douse the food with love.

If you know of a chef or are a chef that would be interested in sharing your knowledge with Star of Hope then please contact us. To get started, send and email to We would love to hear from you.

Help Houston's homeless men, women and children with Star of Hope. Visit Community Service Volunteers Houston to get involved!

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