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Praying for Your Role in Helping Houston's Homeless During Lent

The Lent season is one I cherish.  I feel that during this period of sacrifice and intentionality we acknowledge God more often and therefore become more intimate with him.  Just as the Israelites, I am a forgetful person and every day I forget who provides for me.  I not only forget who provides for me, but how well I am provided for, which is one reason I love having my Church family participate in this holiday season. They act as a pillar to remind me of God's faithfulness during this season of sacrifice.I also begin to recognize it isn't just about me... that  we all suffer.  And amazingly, we have all been redeemed by the same sacrifice and therefore even in life after death we are STILL taken care of by our provider!

There are those in your backyard that are suffering, that can't provide for themselves or their family. As a family of Christians in Houston, I pray that God creates a passion within the community to not only acknowledge the poverty and suffering in our city, but to seek out opportunities that Star of Hope offers to help those in need. Two wonderful ways to get involved with helping Houston's homeless are volunteer or donate!

Homeless Shelters Houston - Star of Hope Mission

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