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Summer Camp Courage

Any of you who have gone to Summer Camp know their is a Summer Camp courage that rushes through your veins. It starts brewing on the van ride there and then begins to erupt for a solid week once your foot takes a step on the soil you will call your camp land! 

I went to visit the Star of Hope kids for a day and it was beautiful. There was a freedom, a child-like courage, pride and FUN spewing from the children.  Of course, there was fear and when any child expressed it there was a support group of friends and counselors who told them they were fully loved and believed in --- all they had to do was believe in themselves.

Having the home life many of the children have they are more susceptible to failure and never get a chance to believe in themselves....but camp is just the right environment to allow them to see they are brave, they are loved, they are believed in, and they are fully worthy!

Summer Camp Friends

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Comments for Summer Camp Courage

Name: jayne oliver
Time: Thursday, August 18, 2011

Their smiles tell the story. Thank you to those that enabled these children to experience a week of character building fun in a safe and loving environment.

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