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The Beginning of Their Summer of Hope!

Key Energy Services employee with a child at Star of HopeMany kids have a nostalgic idea of summer and look forward to sun-kissed skin all school-year long.  One of the only appealing ideas about summer for a homeless child is no more school work, but in no way does that outweigh the cons: nonstop hunger, sweating, thirst, loneliness and often neglect.

Here in Houston, the Independent School District found 10,000+ homeless children during the past School year.  My question is where are those kids now, during the already brutal summer?

Each time another child enters Star of Hope, I with Star of Hope, am celebrating because we now know 1 more is provided for.  In fact because of great companies like Key Energy Services, Star of Hope is able to provide the kids here with a summer filled with water, sun, plenty of food and lots of fun! 

Recently, Key Energy Services offered a “Pirate Splash” to kick off our Summer of Hope! It included: pirates with monkeys, huge water slides, lots of kiddy pools, cotton candy and many happy soaked kiddos!  It really was the beginning of, for many kids, their Summer of Hope!

See the Key Energy Services Summer of Hope Party Slide-show at

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