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The Story of Redemption

Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center former guests all seem to have a raw story and most are willing to tell it. They are willing to share how they became homeless, no matter how humiliating, and then they tell you how God worked in their life at Star of Hope. They are proud of their story of redemption.   I have a story of redemption too…and so many times I neglect to tell people. I leave it at the fact that I am a sinner, I have a Savior, and then I allow whoever the audience is to fill in the blanks.

Censoring my story to make it seem I am “not-all-that-bad” is negating the fact that I was so bad that Christ had to die on a cross for me. The Truth is I am ashamed that I am actively still a sinner despite trying to live for my Redeemer. I often forget what Star of Hope's guest do remember; accepting Christ makes me and the story I bring with me worthy.  How is not telling my story helping the Christian community? I think we should all take a cue from Wendi, who stood before Pearland and told her story of redemption. 

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