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What does a 32% Increase Mean?

Recently, Hank Rush, Star of Hope's President & CEO announced that so far this year we have had a 32% increase of men, women and children in comparison to last year. So, what exactly does that mean?

Last year total we were able to:
  • Serve 406,140 well nourished meals
  • Have 170,642 stay with Star of Hope at night
  • Have 730 served by our outreach van
  • Help 192 find jobs
  • Help 397 get permanent housing

This year alone we have:
  • Severed 362,209 well nourished meals
  • Have 176,069 stay with Star of Hope at night.
  • Served 4,918 with our outreach van
  • Helped 187 find jobs
  • Helped 362 get permanent housing

The most important statistic is that there are 32% more people who are down on their luck and are searching for hope. The need is greater than it has ever been! Star of Hope is partnering with the Houston community to become the outreach that improves Houston's homeless economical situation and provide a healthy environment to build a better future for the guest and their kids.  We need your help to make sure the need is met...we couldn't serve Houston without you.

Helping Houston's homeless all starts with you! Make a difference today!

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