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A Cozy Movie Premiere

Sometimes, I get a chance to get out of my normal day to day IT world and get to help out on video.  A few months back one of our wonderful donors/volunteers, Cookie Joe, and her business partner, Tran Pham Rich , (owners of Cookie Joe's School of Dancin'  located in Sugar Land, Texas) donated the money to rebuild and equip our intake center at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter. The name of the intake center is Place of Grace and one of the new features is a large flat screen television that families and homeless ladies, who are seeking services can sit and watch. The television is there to show the potential guests all the many programs and services that Star of Hope Mission offers to help them understand who we are and how much we want to help them.

Yesterday, after completing a video compilation of various elements I took the DVD over to test and play it for the first time at Place of Grace.  I was joined by a homeless lady who I did not think was paying any attention to the video. She, like countless others, was just looking for a place that would take her in and give her some relief from the Houston streets.  As the video progressed through all the various ministries of Star of Hope , she looked over at me and said that she had no idea that Star of Hope did so many things. I sat and explained a few details to her about what she had seen, all the while hoping she was inspired to become a part of the Star of Hope family and be a life changed, a life restored.

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