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Blessings Abound

I am taking this moment to pause, reflect and be thankful. We have been blessed this year with not only an overwhelming quantity (52) computers,  but high quality of computers.
Earlier this year Friendswood Community Church donated $15k to our Men's Computer Learning Center which gave us the opportunity to create a modern business environment for guys that are in the program to learn business computing skills and locate jobs.  Harper Pearson, the prestigious accounting firm, donated 12 almost new computers to be used at our House of Hope computer lab which benefits the homeless children living at our Women and Family Center. The wonderful folks at Aaron's Rental  just delivered 21 excellent computers to replace all the computers at our Transitional Living Center which is used to serve our client population that are in the long term program.

Finding good quality computers to equip both our clients and staff is a difficult task. I am just thankful that our Heavenly Father stirs the hearts of generous people for the things we desperately need. It happens over and over and I am so thankful.

God Bless,

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