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Helping Houston's Homeless with Social Media

I just left the Houston Online Marketing Summit with lots of information on how the Star of Hope web team can continue to build and utilize the social media world to get our message out to the city of Houston and beyond. The conference, which is comprised of multiple sessions on various social media topics such as SEO and Performance Metrics offers sessions by online marketing leaders for very large international brands. These sessions are of course focused on best practices for business. Several times during the different sessions I attended I heard “remember, it’s all about the sale” and “it’s not about relationships, it’s about marketing”.

For the Star of Hope this is absolutely not true, yes, we do have a message to get across and yes we do need financial support to execute our mission but ultimately, it’s about the people in our community that do not have anywhere to lay their heads tonight, it’s about people who need compassion from their neighbors and it's about sharing Christ with someone you may not know by reaching out a hand.

Our online strategy will be centered on the stories of the countless people that come to our mission for refuge and rebuilding and how your support makes it happen. More importantly, If we can inspire anyone on Facebook or Twitter (and beyond ) to engage in acts of volunteerism , giving , loving and praying for the person without a home in their communities across the globe then we have utilized these wonderful tools for the ultimate good.

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