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Can You Name One Person?

Most of us have been touched in some way by substance abuse. September is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month, when recovery programs nation-wide celebrate success in helping people overcome their addictions.Star of Hope has two outstanding recovery programs operating 365 days a year, New Hope and Spiritual Recovery Program . Each is intensely focused on helping men and women who have... Read More »
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Christmas in August - Back to School Parties

Remember how exciting it was to shop for the opening of school; to finally get those cool sneakers you wanted and a book-bag -- that would hold all your stuff? That’s exactly what it was like for the children at Star of Hope late last week.Our fabulous volunteersswarmed our family shelters and blessed our school-aged children with back-to-school parties, complete with hugs, high-fives,... Read More »
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Should Houston Follow New York City In Sending Its Homeless Away?

Recently, I came across a newspaper article that discussed New York City’s program to give airplane tickets to certain of its homeless folks, and send them back “home.” As the story explained, many are long-time residents of NYC, but have fallen on hard times. If they can get a relative in their home state or country to agree to accept them, the city will pick up the tab for getting them... Read More »
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Children Are Victims Of Homelessness

While more fortunate kids are planning “sleepovers” and getting ready for the new school year, last Sunday 30 children along with their parents slept on mats at our downtown Women & Family Emergency Shelter… a total of 88 people in all.Our rooms were all full – but we were able to accommodate them on the floor. We try never to turn anyone away. With these guests, we had 388 people in this one... Read More »
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Everyone Likes A Little Help, Even Volunteers!

My wife, Elisabeth, volunteers weekly at Star of Hope facilities and recently she prepared materials to update several bulletin boards at our Women & Family Emergency Shelter downtown. She went in one Thursday with all of her materials and supplies. A few minutes after she had started working, she heard a young voice behind her asking if she needed any help. She turned and met a 14 year old young... Read More »
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Ways To Help The Homeless

A Conversation With Hank Rush Read More »
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Sunday Afternoon On The Streets In The Heat

This past Sunday afternoon was another 100+ degree scorcher, and I found myself involved in one of the most moving experiences I’ve had since joining the Star of Hope. I joined Charles, a Star of Hope employee who ministers to the street people and who drives our “Love in Action” Van, and a volunteer named Bob. Charles filled the van with ice cold bottles of water along with some ham and... Read More »
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Hot Summer Days Are Here!

Hopefully, your home air conditioner is holding out ok in all this heat. But what if you didn’t even have a home? Can you imagine what it is like to be homeless, hot, on the streets or living out of a car, and unable to find relief?June 21 was the first day of summer this year, and already Houston is experiencing record heat on a daily basis. With no rain in the past 30 days, and more heat... Read More »
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My First Impressions of the Star of Hope Staff

I’ve been thinking back to my early months here last fall, and my first impressions of the Mission as I arrived and joined the team. I was most surprised by two things: 1) the breadth and quality of the ministry services, and 2) by the high caliber of our staff.I guess I didn’t expect the program services to be of the quality and advanced educational level that they are. I have been... Read More »
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The Miracle of Changed Lives in Our City

One of the most interesting Miracles that I have observed since joining Star of Hope is to see Houstonians all around town who are successful graduates of the Mission. They are everywhere! I have been amazed to meet so many in everyday places. When I wear a Star of Hope sports shirt during the week or on weekends, I almost always encounter people who come up to me to tell me about their experience... Read More »
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My "Miracle Book"

Over the years, I’ve worked at some great companies, and I remember a couple of my "first week" experiences from them. But I’ll never forget my first week at the Star of Hope Mission! Just before I began work here, I was told by a dear friend who had worked at the Mission, that I should start a journal so I could record the miracles that happen. I did -  and that has turned out to be an amazing... Read More »
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