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Sara spent decades drifting. She would stay in one place for a while, then the feeling she did not belong would compel her to move on. “Drifting is like an addiction,” she said. “It’s hard to stop. There are still days where I have to fight that urge.” Sara spent more than three years in Star of Hope’s New Haven program which provides housing and case management for individual men and women... Read More »
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This is Love In Action!

Earlier this year Star of Hope Mission relaunched our Love-in-Action Van Outreach ministry.  Every day, our Love-in-Action Van goes out to those on the streets around downtown who are alone and who feel no one cares about them. Our goal through this very important ministry is to share the love of Christ as we offer a helping hand to each person we encounter. Kenneth Eatkins serves as the driver of... Read More »
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Outreach Matters

Outreach Client, Deborah Godsey, proves to us all that chronic homelessness goes beyond a typical image, for there are many faces to homelessness. The Love In Action Van met Deborah on the streets of Houston, where she has been chronically homeless living on the streets (and in a vacant truck) for several years. Deborah has struggled with Substance abuse and mental health for over 10 years. She... Read More »
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A New Hope and Housing!

With a grateful heart, we are so excited to announce that one of our first outreach clients, Eddie, is now HOUSED. He has transitioned into our New Haven Program (Rittenhouse Campus) at New Hope Housing. Eddie has been chronically homeless for more than 10 years living on the streets of Houston with a severe addiction to alcohol. Over the past three months, Eddie has surrendered to God's perfect... Read More »
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God Is Always With Us!

It is always great to see our children enter Star of Hope Mission's doors with a huge smile on their faces. This month was filled with many blessings for our children’s department. After Star of Hope's Summer Camp and Back-to-School Backpack Party for children of homeless families I was able to witness children filled with joy because of an amazing summer and new school supplies! With the amazing... Read More »
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When One Journey Ends Another Begins!

Every year Star of Hope Mission holds a commencement ceremony for the teens who have graduated from high school and are preparing for the next chapter in their lives. This year we had the pleasure of celebrating seven teens who accomplished this great milestone, six with aspirations for college and one teen entering the Army! It is an amazing feeling when I am able to witness our youth grow... Read More »
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GED and Your Support Provide Second Chance

“I knew I needed the GED through Star of Hope to make it.” Cedric started out in the church and with a strong, settled family life. But the wrong friends led him into a life in the streets . . . and eventually took him down as far as he could go. “I was going from house to house,” he said. “Then there was this one night I could not make it any farther. I felt like my life was over. I asked, ‘God,... Read More »
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Faith in Christ Brings New Hope

“Star of Hope is an empowering part of my life”, Shayla said. Growing up surrounded by family and friends who turned to drugs when the road got rough never gave Shalay much of a chance. It was easy to fall back on that lifestyle and those kinds of choices when life hit her hard, and Shalay eventually found herself arrested and convicted. Shamed by the memory, she shook her head and said, “I got... Read More »
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God's perfect timing!

God’s timing is perfect! Today at Star of Hope, God showed this in a very special way. A few representatives from Texas Mutual Insurance stopped by today to delivery over 500 new and gently used towels and washcloths collected by their staff members. This donation is incredible all on its own! However, the “perfect timing” is that our childcare manager was about to purchase the towels needed for... Read More »
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Celebrating 108 Years of Christ-centered Ministry!

As we celebrate the 108th anniversary of Star of Hope Mission this July 1 and its calling to serve the homeless of Houston, I can’t help but marvel at how God has used this mission to further His Kingdom in the Houston area! On the day Star of Hope opened its doors, the headline in the Houston Post read “New Religious Enterprise on Franklin Avenue Will Be Launched Tonight.” In his remarks, Dr.... Read More »
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Make this summer a Summer of Hope

Donate toiletries or large size diapers at any Houston area Christian Brothers Automotive and get $10 off any service and a pair of Astros tickets. As part of Star of Hope’s SUMMER OF HOPE campaign, Christian Brothers Automotive has teamed up with KPRC TV, KSBJ and the Houston Astros to collect toiletries and children’s size 5-6 diapers for Houston’s homeless. The promotion begins on July 1, 2015... Read More »
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She Needed the Lord . . . and a Friend like You

“I was homeless and needed help, and went to seven different places before a friend told me about the recovery center at Star of Hope,” Tamika said. And she did not reach us a moment too soon. “I had an addiction to the point where I lost EVERYTHING,” remembered Tamika, tears spilling down her cheeks. She even lost touch with her own daughter. “I carry that burden, and sometimes when I think... Read More »
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“He Led Me Here To Star Of Hope”

YOUR HEART FOR HELPING IS CHANGING LIVES LIKE ROBBYE’S—FOR GOOD! “I came to Star of Hope on my own—but not by myself. It was God’s will,” Robbye said. And it was exactly the saving grace she desperately needed. Robbye struggled with an addiction to gambling that had destroyed her life, home, family—everything and everyone it touched. “I just felt so guilty, so ashamed, so mad and angry at myself... Read More »
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Our Heavenly Father Knows Best

This week we are reminded of the importance of our fathers, the men who have made a significant impact on not only our early childhood development, but adolescence and into our adult lives. The role of a father is so important to all of us, and it is one of the most important roles a man can assume. While never perfect, I cherish the role God has given me to raise my own children. Sometimes... Read More »
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Sportsmen Against Hunger

Safari Club International is a leader in the fight against hunger and the promotion of wildlife conservation. Several years ago, SCI Houston adopted Star of Hope as its charity-of-choice and found Star of Hope to be a great fit for these programs. Through the Sportsmen Against Hunger program, hunters share their wild game harvest with those less fortunate. Since beginning our partnership with Star... Read More »
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Applauding our volunteers!

I would like to share a story with you I heard today, that captures how we feel about our volunteers at Star of Hope! A group of volunteers had just finished serving lunch at our Men’s Development Center earlier this week and was walking out, when they received an enthusiastic round of applause from the appreciative crowd of men still in the dining room. Allow me to join in their applause for ALL... Read More »
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A ONE-DAY, COMMUNITY WIDE ENTREPRENEURIAL EVENT, AND WE ARE JOINING THE PARTY! Houston’s annual Lemonade Day, on the first Sunday of May, is a community-wide opportunity to teach young people about the entrepreneurial and business skills necessary for starting and running a business. By introducing our youth to the skills needed to earn self-sufficiency and success, they discover ways to... Read More »
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VISION 2020: Cornerstone Community℠

Ever since Hurricane Ike and the Great Recession of 2008, Star of Hope has seen a rising demand for its women and family services. Each year since 2008, we have had to ask a homeless man, woman or child to sleep on floor mats because our facilities were already fully occupied. In 2014 we had to make that request more than 51,000 times! In order to meet the growing demand, Star of Hope embarked on... Read More »
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Celebrating Volunteers

As Star of Hope celebrates National Volunteer Month, the Volunteer Services team asked other staff members and clients, “What do our volunteers mean to you?” We thought we would share a few of their responses with you – we were tremendously blessed and think you will be, too! "The volunteers here have made an impact, so that I want to go out and serve the community too!" - Ashley, client... Read More »
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Diva's Day 2015 loves Star of Hope Mission

God bless all of the wonderful people that dedicate their lives to helping people in need. I have been following Star of Hope for many years! This organizations gets better and better. Your team helped my sister many years ago and today is she a wonderful woman of God. Thanks for all you do. On March 21, 2015 during my Diva's Day event we took up donations for Star of Hope. I was so happy that we... Read More »
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