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Takin' Hope to the Streets

You may ask the question, how do homeless service providers bring hope to over 6000 unsheltered homeless on the streets of Houston? We have found an answer ... during our 2nd Annual Takin' Hope to the Streets event we are partnering with T.H.U.G Ministry and Twentyfour4Twenty to take food, clothing, water and the HOPE of Jesus Christ to those who are feeling hopeless. Last year 70+ volunteers... Read More »
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A Former Resident

My name is Lawrence Scott. I am a former resident of Star and Hope Mission's Women and Family Emergency Shelter and Transitional Living Center. In 1992 my mother, younger brother and I moved back to the emergency shelter after a very brief stay 6 months prior. My mother, a single parent, had fallen on hard times and we found ourselves without a place to stay. I was 11 years old and was devastated... Read More »
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School is now in session!

School is now in Session! Children received brand new shoes, uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies for the new school year! Last week our children started school and what better way to start them off on their first day than with celebrating the new school year! Texas Citizens Bank underwrote the purchase of 230 pairs of children's shoes for the Trees of Hope Shoe Party at Sports Authority! Our... Read More »
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College Fair Day for Homeless Teens and Young Adults!

Star of Hope Mission's College Fair Day was designed to promote excitement about higher education with teens and young adults and give basic information and guidance about financial aid and the college entrance process. Team building activities, learning the essentials of how to prepare for college, and realizing that college is possible for anybody is what this event embodied. With the help from... Read More »
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Homeless teens graduate and head to college!

This last week at Star of Hope Mission, we celebrated with eight teens who have just graduated from high school and are now preparing to enter college this fall! This is one of my favorite celebrations each year, as we see these bright, smart young people reaching for the dream of a college education, in spite of their families' situation. They are truly seeking God’s promise found in Jeremiah... Read More »
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Star of Hope Alumni Family Fun Day

A day of Family!  A day of Fun!   On Saturday, July 26th we hosted our very first Family Fun Day for our Star of Hope Alumni clients. The atmosphere was charged with laughter, love and great fellowship as families came together to enjoy the activities of face painting, The Children's Museum, making nutritional snack butterflies and getting fit with YMCA's Zumba Instructor, Shavon LeBlanc. Star of... Read More »
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Star of Hope teens follow their college dreams

Each of us knows the cliché, “When life deals you lemons, make lemon aide.” For eight of our Stars of 2ommorw teens, this is more than a tired expression. This is their intention. One of my favorite times of the year is when we get to celebrate the accomplishments of our current and alumni teens as they graduate from high school and begin their college career. Each of these teens at one point or... Read More »
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By Faith there is Sight!

Many of the guests at Star of Hope Mission are not able to attain the necessities that most of us can acquire on our own. With God's continued blessings, the generous amount of time our volunteers sacrifice, and all the kind donations we receive, we were able to provide our guests with the essential things that they need.  In particular, an improved eye sight is what many of our guests need and... Read More »
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Back to the Basics!

Summer is coming to a close and the new school year is soon approaching! Many of us are gearing up to shop for school supplies during this Back-to-School season! Sadly, our families at Star of Hope Mission can not do the same, but God has blessed this mission with supporters like you all! You can help our children receive their brand new backpacks, full of brand new school supplies from your... Read More »
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E.G.O. Boutique presents the Fashion Extravaganza benefiting Star of Hope

When I was younger, maybe elementary school aged, I came to Star of Hope with my mother and sisters after a divorce that left us with nothing. Star of Hope was there to make us feel as comfortable as possible in a very traumatic situation. They tried their best to make us feel at home. They came to our rescue, fed us, gave us clothes and had activities for us to participate in during the summer.... Read More »
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The Journey

One thing I will never forget is being told these few but powerful words; "What God has for you, is for you." This simply meant that no matter what plans we may have set forth, God has His own plans. It is up to us accept them and allow Him to be the CORNERSTONE in our lives. The Journey I am taking is not an ordinary one, but with Christ at the center of it all, He shall be a strong foundation... Read More »
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When does homelessness end?

Summertime is here, and we have lots of incredible ministry and love to share with those who come to Star of Hope Mission for help! I came across this statement recently, and thought of us: "When you know where you are going, it changes everything!" I paused in my tracks ... and thought about this statement, and read it again and again. When we accept a new job, we set our sights on the goals of... Read More »
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I can make it!

I sit here and wonder what's next… And the answer I came up with is: “Take your time. Easy does it.  You have been through a lot and learned a lot in the three years you have been here at Star of Hope.  It has all been for the better of my family and myself.” I cried some nights and yes, I made it through with GOD'S guidance and the support of the wonderful staff here at the Transitional Living... Read More »
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Helping to Transform a Woman's Life

It was an absolute honor to be a part of the Star of Hope Makeover project for my Fashion Image class at Houston Community College. After learning over the last few weeks in class how to assess a person's personal style and goals, then help develop their fashion style was within itself great knowledge. After our team was able to meet Michelle it was humbling and rewarding to know we can be a part... Read More »
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Pay It Forward

Recently, my Fashion and Imaging class at Houston Community College provided makeovers for ladies at Star of Hope as one of our assignments. Participating in the transformations at Star of Hope was an exciting and new experience. Taking on such a challenge was a fun way of using principles of fashion styling learned in the classroom and applying them to the real world. Putting together... Read More »
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Moving Day!

New Haven II welcomes men and women home. Excitement was in the air recently as Star of Hope’s New Haven II program, in partnership with New Hope Housing, welcomed 43 residents. This new property located on Rittenhouse, offers chronically homeless, single men and women a new beginning and hope for a brighter future. With a total of 55 apartments, the facility will soon be filled with residents... Read More »
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Cookie Workshop a big success!

“Does anyone here like cookies?” When chef Michael Savino walks in with that question, he always gets a big response from the children at Star of Hope. Recently, he hosted a cookie workshop that was a big hit. We are so grateful that Michael, owner of Michael’s Cookie Jar, has a sweet spot for Houston’s children and families in need. “We love the city of Houston and believe it is our duty to give... Read More »
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A Time of Blessings at Star of Hope!

Greetings to you and I hope you are enjoying this great, spring time weather! Everything in nature is new and fresh all around us. Here at Star of Hope, we see so many signs of new life as we serve Houston’s homeless. Exciting new things are happening at all of our campuses and extended living sites around the city … and the focus is on two main things: We are seeing record numbers of our clients... Read More »
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My Blessing

I have the pleasure of being blessed to volunteer. I was an intern while in school at Texas Southern University in completing my BA in Social Work. I enjoyed being able to give back with hopes of inspiring someone that life keeps moving and God hears our prayers. I am so thankful that the children and families have this great impact on my heart to keep caring and giving to those who are in need. I... Read More »
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The Greatest Miracle of Easter?

As we celebrate this Holy week of Easter, we reflect on Jesus' final week on this earth. Everything about Jesus' life was a miracle ... His virgin birth, His sinless life, His profound teachings, His miracles and His resurrection from the dead. But what do you think is the greatest miracle of Easter? I believe the greatest Miracle of Easter is the miracle of eternal life which God gives over and... Read More »
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