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Helping the Homeless Continues to be My Mission

While I contribute regularly financially to Star of Hope, I felt I wanted to do more but could not due to time constraints. Helping out socially is a great way for me to contribute. A few years ago, I decided to choose an organization to give to regularly since I finally had a full time job and could afford to give. Ever since I was little, I had a desire to help those in need. While I didn't have... Read More »
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Confronting the Issue of Homelessness

These are exciting times in Houston in so many ways! In my 4 decades here, I cannot remember a more vibrant time in our community. We have a strong and growing economy, but we also have a growing segment of our population in great need … left behind in this economic boom. They lack education and relevant job skills, and with no financial safety net, they fall into homelessness all too easily. Star... Read More »
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A Resolution for Life Change

I gave up New Year’s resolutions many years ago because, well, I think you know why! But I do find myself each year-end pondering the year-past and thinking about what lies ahead in the new year, as I am sure you do. Today, as I look back I see what an amazing year 2013 was for Star of Hope, with rich blessings from our Lord in every area of our ministry together. We saw God accomplish so much at... Read More »
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A Child at Heart

Last week I was at the Star of Hope Mission performing some poetry for the teenagers who reside there. It was an awesome event put on by the teen staff. There were other artists there as well, lending their time and talents to make a special evening for the youth. However, in no way do I believe that I gave more than I received while being amongst those teens. They blessed me in ways that I... Read More »
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Ready or Not … It Is Christmas

December is moving so fast. I cannot believe it … Christmas is next week! I have often thought that time speeds up and the days go faster during the last two months of the year. But ready or not, Christmas is here. Christmas music is on the radio. Everyone seems happier and they are thinking about helping others. I love Christmas! Think about Star of Hope’s task this year. Can you imagine what it... Read More »
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Where Rubber Meets The Road

Two weeks ago, I bought a homeless man a blanket and another homeless man a bowl of hot soup, but it is frightening and dangerous to approach them alone and I can't make a real difference by myself. We're having a very cold winter and people are sleeping on the pavement that I see daily on my way home. I was praying this morning and asking God what I can do to help make a difference. I don't have... Read More »
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Caring for the Homeless: how you can help

We are so excited to announce a new opportunity for Star of Hope friends to serve as virtual volunteers and help end homelessness in Houston! Star of Hope Mission invites you to be among the first fundraisers with the launch of our new personal fundraising opportunity. This means social connections and friends from all over the world can easily support your service and love for the homeless in our... Read More »
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5 Ways to Help Houston’s Homeless This Christmas

Are you looking for ways to help the poor and homeless in our community this Christmas? Please consider these five suggestions: Provide Christmas meals for hungry and homeless men, women and children with Star of Hope. It only cost $1.92 to provide a meal. How many people will you help feed? Adopt a Family with Star of Hope and give Christmas presents to families in need. Register today and we... Read More »
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Buy a Meal and Give a Meal

Hungry for tamales? This weekend, Texas Tamale Company is teaming up with Kroger to give thanks and give back. For every bag of tamales you buy this Friday through Sunday (Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2013), a meal will be provided for a homeless person through Star of Hope. Look for Texas Tamales in the freezer section or the free standing TTC freezers in all participating Houston area Kroger stores. For... Read More »
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My Life

Star of Hope helped to save my life. I was on the wrong track and going down very fast. The counseling helped very much. I have been clean for two years now. I will always be grateful to Star of Hope. Thanks Star of Hope! Mark Chapman Read More »
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Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, our hearts here at Star of Hope are full of joyfulness and appreciation for you, our volunteers and financial supporters, for the significant work you have equipped us to do this year as we serve the homeless of our city. This has been so far, another record year, with overflowing daily needs throughout the year. And with the cold weather snap we are... Read More »
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Bittersweet Goodbye's of Hope!

My job at Star of Hope is to interview our clients and guests as they graduate on to the next level. From New Hope, our substance abuse recovery program, to Personal Development classes; from Personal Development where clients learn about responsibility to Job Search where they are elevating to career placement and higher education. Many clients cross through my office more than once as they... Read More »
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Changing Seasons and Changing Needs

As the temperatures change and become colder the clothing needs of Houston's homeless men, women and children also change. If you are interested in hosting a drive or donating clothing to Star of Hope, the following items will be very helpful during the winter months. Winter Needs: During cold weather months we are in need of gently used or new: Coats Jackets Gloves Warm Hats Scarves Blankets... Read More »
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Fall Celebrations at Star of Hope

During my first year working with Star of Hope, the Fall Harvest Festival was one of my first opportunities to serve in our Women and Family Emergency Shelter. I remember God changing and growing my heart for the homeless that evening, and this year was another special time. The guests staying at our shelter were so eager for the festival to begin. I was probably asked a dozen times how much... Read More »
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Serving Together... an evening of gathered worship

Thursday night, October 24, churches from across Houston gathered at Star of Hope’s Men’s Development Center (MDC) to experience an evening chapel service with our clients. Occasionally individual churches lead a chapel service, but this was the first time churches were invited to join the congregation. Dr. Dick Druary, the Director of the MDC, shared a heart-felt message from Matthew 1:18-23 and... Read More »
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A Thanksgiving Tradition

Chris has made a profession out of making people feel right at home. He is the Director of Food & Beverage for a hotel right here in Houston. But every Thanksgiving, serving others turns personal for Chris. For the past five years, Chris and his co-workers have spent Thanksgiving at Star of Hope, welcoming the hungry and homeless. “We are there to help and give a hand,” Chris said. “We want the... Read More »
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First Time Volunteer

I just started a new venture by inviting my friends to volunteer with me and Star of Hope's Transitional Living Center was our first event. We were invited to work in their kitchen and right away all 8 of us had chores of service which made the experience so fulfilling. My friends and I were serving, prepping meals, washing dishes and trays, sweeping, restocking, folding laundry, and cleaning... Read More »
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Takin’ it to the streets?

As you go about your day to day lives, many of you encounter homeless individuals on the streets of Houston from time to time. Star of Hope’s mission is to help these individuals get off the streets and into life recovery programs so they can start a new life and become independent, contributing members of society once again. After taking part in the city-wide annual Homeless Enumeration for the... Read More »
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Together in Hope

Most Friday evenings don’t look like this. Many volunteers gathered in Montrose for Takin’ Hope to the Streets – an outreach opportunity for Star of Hope Mission and Youth with a Mission(YWAM) to care for the homeless in Houston. Two men led us in worship by playing hymns and songs about the love of Jesus, our Savior and Friend. I’m reminded now of His goodness in that first hour, allowing His... Read More »
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Sharing My Birthday Blessings

I have a wonderful group of girlfriends. Each year for our birthdays, we all get together for a wonderful lunch or dinner. This always includes lots of food, laughter, fun and great gifts. I am blessed with so many things, so this year, I asked all of my friends to bring toiletries to donate to Star of Hope, in lieu of bringing me a gift. Everyone was thrilled to do so and I in turn collected 6... Read More »
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