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Off To College!

Preparing for college!  When a teen comes into the Star of Hope Teens Program, college is the furthest thing from their mind.  In the Stars of 2morrow Teens Program we strive to make these dreams reality. 

Imagine this being your senior year in High School, and you have a list of colleges that you would love to attend.  The reality is, you’re Homeless right now, so those big dreams of going off to college aren’t looking so promising.  This is part of the puzzle that the Star of Tomorrow fits in.  Over the last four years, we have implemented College Planning Programs.  The Teens travel to at least 4 colleges per-year, along with our College Readiness program. This program will prepare the juniors and seniors for the SAT and ACT college exams.  The dream is starting to come to light for the teens at this point! 

Yesterday I had the pleasure shopping for six seniors here at the Star of Hope.  All six are doing very well in school and have already applied to several colleges.  Through the Humana Grant the Stars of 2morrow won last year, we designated funds for our seniors going to college.  These packages consist of small dorm size Refrigerates, Microwaves, Towels, Blankets, First-Aid Kits, Daily Planners and many more items to get them started for college life.

Comments for Off To College!

Name: Maurisa
Time: Saturday, October 23, 2010

This sounds great. I am a young adult that graduated from college 2 years ago. I encourage all youth to attend college and be the best that they can be. How can someone like myself volunteer with your program?

Name: Nichole Mendoza
Time: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The University of Houston is in the process of writing for a Educational Talent Search grant that serve disadvantaged students in the Houston area. In the new regulations, foster care and homeless youth are now served. Please contact me by email so we can collaborate. I believe we can help each other help our homeless youth.

Name: R. Hamilton
Time: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How many students are currently enrolled in the program?

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