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When does homelessness end?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
by Hank Rush

Summertime is here, and we have lots of incredible ministry and love to share with those who come to Star of Hope Mission for help! I came across this statement recently, and thought of us:

"When you know where you are going, it changes everything!"

I paused in my tracks ... and thought about this statement, and read it again and again. When we accept a new job, we set our sights on the goals of the organization and look forward with excitement to serve there. When we begin a well planned trip, we again set our minds and our excitement toward a new adventure.

Well the same is true with our eternal destination. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and receive His forgiveness, redemption and promise of eternal life with Him, everything about us and our future changes!  His love is perfected in us. We no longer have the same emptiness and fears about life and about our future. And our hearts begin a journey of love with our Savior, and a desire to find and fulfill His purposes for our lives.

When does homelessness end? Homelessness ends when a heart becomes secure in God's love and has a home in Heaven with Him. IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!  

In this video Sharon speaks about her life change and healing from addiction and grief, to productive lives for her and her son.  Please take a moment to listen to her story.

Thank you for your faithful support to end homelessness in our community. I'm praying for God's great joy to you as you give, pray and serve with Star of Hope Mission this summer!

"This is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us,
and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." I John 4:10 NIV

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Greet the Day with Amy Grant and Star of Hope

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
by Hank Rush

Star of Hope Mission:  Greet the Day Banquet with Amy GrantEach February, thousands of Houstonians gather for dinner and an evening of inspiration and education, in support of the homeless of our city. It is the Star of Hope Annual Banquet, and this year it is on Tuesday, February 25 at 7pm in the Lanier Ballroom at the Hilton Americas downtown. If you are not already planning to attend, we would love for you to join us! Seating is limited, so register today.

You will learn more about all the exciting ministries of Star of Hope, which has been serving Houston’s homeless since 1907. And, you will be treated to a great meal, powerful testimonies from Star of Hope Alumni and a special musical performance by Amy Grant. You will be amazed at how much our community is doing together for our neighbors in great need.

Over the past 5 years Star of Hope has grown in the number of people we serve each day by 53%. Now, we serve 1,150 men, women and children daily. You have made this possible by your financial gifts, volunteer service with us, donations drives and participation in special events.

Thank you for being a part of Our Mission to help our neighbors in need! And if you are able, come and celebrate with us on February 25!

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A Resolution for Life Change

Thursday, January 16, 2014
by Hank Rush

I gave up New Year’s resolutions many years ago because, well, I think you know why! But I do find myself each year-end pondering the year-past and thinking about what lies ahead in the new year, as I am sure you do.

Family at Star of Hope on Transitional Living Center graduation day. See more Star of Hope images on Facebook.

Today, as I look back I see what an amazing year 2013 was for Star of Hope, with rich blessings from our Lord in every area of our ministry together. We saw God accomplish so much at Star of Hope through your support:

  • Decisions to follow Christ are at amazing levels.
  • Many found freedom from addictions of every kind.
  • Families are reconciled and reunited.
  • Head-of-households achieved independent living.
  • Adults completing our programs are now employed full-time.

Now that is so much more than New Year’s resolutions. That is true life change! I am grateful for your partnership and look forward to sharing more of these results with you in the upcoming weeks and months.

As we look ahead to all of the opportunities and needs we will face as a Mission in 2014, I am reminded of Philippians 4:6-7: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.God will faithfully provide all the resources required to meet the escalating needs of men, women and families in crisis in our community.

Once again, thank you for an amazing 2013. May His blessings abound in and through you in the year to come!

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Serving Together... an evening of gathered worship

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
by Star of Hope Friends

Thursday night, October 24, churches from across Houston gathered at Star of Hope’s Men’s Development Center (MDC) to experience an evening chapel service with our clients. Occasionally individual churches lead a chapel service, but this was the first time churches were invited to join the congregation.

Men's Development Center, church partners chapel service

Dr. Dick Druary, the Director of the MDC, shared a heart-felt message from Matthew 1:18-23 and “Band of Grace” provided music for worship. Band of Grace was started by one of our clients and its music and ministry continues to be a very welcomed and important part of the men’s understanding and acceptance of God’s love. Also, evening chapel services have a long history at the Mission. “Our Chapel services have happened almost every night for over 100 years at Star of Hope Mission,” says Druary.

Approximately 35 men responded to the invitation asking for prayer and/or accepting Christ as his Savior, critical steps to each man in his journey of recovery from homelessness. The MDC provides homeless men with wholesome food, safe shelter, and short and long-term Spiritual Recovery programs. Some of the services include: alcohol and drug education; Life skills classes to provide skills for independent living; work therapy, tutoring, career development, employment assistance and GED: spiritual skills classes to ground each man in the Word of God and Christ-centered living.

If you would like to partner with Star of Hope as a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of the homeless, please visit our volunteer page for information about how you or your group can serve.

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Celebrating Everything You Do... Next Friday!

Friday, February 1, 2013
by Hank Rush

Each February, thousands of Houstonians gather for dinner and an evening of inspiration and education, in support of the homeless of our city. It’s the Star of Hope Annual Banquet, and it’s next Friday, February 8th at 7pm in the Lanier Ballroom at the Hilton Americas downtown. If you aren’t already planning to attend, we’d love for you to join us! Seating is limited, so register today.

As a quick preview, we will be celebrating “Everything You Do” in serving Houston’s homeless men, women and families… and how together our community makes a significant impact in helping those in great need put their lives back together after experiencing homelessness. You’ll learn more about all the exciting ministries of the Star of Hope, which has been serving Houston’s homeless since 1907. And you’ll be treated to a great meal, powerful testimonies from Clients of Star of Hope and a special musical performance by Steven Curtis Chapman. You’ll be amazed at how much our community is doing together for our neighbors in great need.

Star of Hope Everything You Do Banquet with Steven Curtis Chapman

Over the past 5 years Star of Hope has grown in the number of people we serve each day by 53%. Now, we serve 1,150 men, women and children daily. You’ve made this possible by your financial gifts, volunteer service with us, donations drives and participation in special events.

Thank you for being a part of serving our neighbors in need! And if you’re able, come and celebrate with us next Friday night.

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How Is Star of Hope Your Mission?

Friday, September 7, 2012
by Hank Rush

Every day, Star of Hope reaches out and serves Houston’s homeless men, women and children in love and compassion. We are serving the most basic needs imaginable . . . a safe place to stay, a bath, clean clothes, a meal -- a caring heart open to share the trauma and show the way to a brighter tomorrow. It’s real, it matters and It’s life changing!

Read and enjoy this "guest blog" from Brooke Candelaria, who has made Star of Hope part of her mission to help the homeless and hurting in our city. She’s one of the tens of thousands of Houstonians who care and help in so many ways, through the Star of Hope family of ministries around Houston.

Brooke serving in the kitchen at Star of Hope's Women & Family Emergency Shelter

I hope you enjoy reading Brooke’s special story. And remember, without your help and financial support, none of this would be possible! Star of Hope serves today, as it has for more than 105 years. . . thanks to you!

We would love to hear YOUR story. Share why you personally support Star of Hope through volunteerism and giving as one of our GUEST BLOGGERS.

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What’s a Normal Life for A Homeless Kid?

Friday, August 24, 2012
by Hank Rush

It’s always an exciting day at Star of Hope when the children return from Camp Good News. Through your generous support, we were able to send 119 school aged kids to camp this past week, where they experienced in a fun setting something of a normal childhood.

Kids and Star of Hope Staff at Camp Good News

These kids are living with their families here at Star of Hope while their families are recovering from homelessness. Our hearts especially go out to the kids, who are the true victims of homelessness, as they often fall behind in school due to moving so much, or even worse, are neglected or abused through it all.

Thank you for your support of our children’s ministry around the city at Star of Hope! Through you, God is able to show them good and happy life experiences. Even more importantly, they are able to feel His love and learn about the plans He has for their lives.

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Helping Kids Who Break the Cycle

Friday, July 13, 2012
by Hank Rush

Once homeless at the age of 6, Daronica is now pursuing a Masters Degree!

As Star of Hope works with families experiencing homelessness, we pay special attention to the children. They are the true victims in all their family is going through, and many times fall behind quickly in school. But with support and help while at the Star of Hope, more children of homeless families are catching up academically, dreaming their own dreams, and becoming successful, independent citizens in our community.

We had a very special guest at Star of Hope recently, who came to visit us 15 years after her family’s bout with homelessness. When Daronica was six, her family came to Star of Hope. Her mom was addicted to drugs and found the resources she needed for a fresh start in life. “Before, my mom was never around,” Daronica, now age 23, remembers. “She would just leave, and my brothers would have to take care of me.”

Star of Hope -- Once homeless at the age of 6, Daronica is now pursuing a Masters Degree

At Star of Hope things began to change. “It was a good experience for me and my sisters and brothers,” Daronica says. In addition to food, shelter and clothing, Star of Hope helps the children of homeless families with their own special needs. School age kids are in uniforms and back in school within just a couple of days, after school tutors help them catch up on their studies, some 1 or 2 years behind in grade level, and student ministries encourage them to find a faith in Christ and seek God’s perfect plan for their life.

Daronica says that the staff and volunteers also made a big impact on her life. Today, Daronica is pursuing a master’s degree in early childhood education. Because of the help she was given while at Star of Hope as a child, she continues to volunteer and invest in the lives of children.

Recently, Daronica shared some of her story on Star of Hope's a Guest Blog, Helping Houston's Homeless. Read My Background Is Not An Excuse To Give Up!

Your generous gifts and prayers help hundreds of children in our care today, like Daronica, to break the cycle and become all that God wants them to be. Thank you for your help and support as we invest in the lives of these beautiful creations God has made. We are grateful for friends like you!

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Star of Hope's 2011 Ministry Report

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
by Scott McKinley

Star of Hope's 2011 Ministry Report is available now. Take a look inside to see how your support is changing the lives homeless men, women and families in our community.

Star of Hope Ministry Report - Our City, Our Home, Our Mission

In 2011, you helped accomplish that mission through your support for:

  • 615,068 healthy, nourishing meals to reassure the hungry
  • 87,218 donated articles of clothing and 5,910 toys and gifts to help families rebuild their lives
  • 50,228 diapers for our littlest guests
  • 6,641 medical, dental and mental health care solutions
  • 93,861 basic hygiene items that are essential to providing a fresh, clean outlook on life

Thank You Houston!

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Where’s My Manual?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
by Edward Black

“Where’s my manual?” she asked as she approached the desk.

“I’m sorry? What manual? I responded.

“This paper says if I pray this prayer I’ll get a manual. I prayed the prayer, so where is my manual?”

She held a gospel tract in her hand.

“Let me see that.” I took the tract from her hand. The tract offered a manual for life to anyone who prayed the sinner’s prayer and received Christ as their Savior.

“So you prayed this prayer?”


“Did you mean it?”


“Did God answer the prayer – forgive your sins, come into your heart and enter into a relationship with you? Do you have a personal relationship with him now?”

“Yes,” she beamed with a beautiful smile breaking across her face.

“I’ll get your manual.”

She walked away with a smile on her face and a New Testament in her hand – anxious to read more about her newfound Savior and Friend.

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A Night With Friends

Friday, February 10, 2012
by Marilyn Fountain
When Michael W. Smith sits down at the piano, as he did at the recent 2012 Star of Hope Banquet - Above All, you get more than a great performance; you get the feeling that you are in the company of a gentleman and a friend.

Michael W. Smith at Star of Hope Banquet

That said, on the evening of February 2nd, the Lanier Ballroom at the Hilton Americas was transformed into a glorious sanctuary where the theme of the program: Above All --taken from Michael’s 2002 Inspirational Song of the Year, of the same title-- set the tone for an incomparable night of ministry, worship, and reverence for the One Who makes all things possible. Michael’s deft touch on the Grand Yamaha and repertoire of songs both remembered and new were a perfect fit with the program and lifted the spirit of the evening to heavenly heights. In a room lit with fiber-optic stars peeking through a midnight backdrop, and with more than 2,000 Star of Hope donors, volunteers and first-timers in attendance, you could almost hear the heart of God beating with joy, for such a time as this.

It was not just a night to be enjoyed—though it was enjoyable from beginning to end. It was our moment of expressed gratitude to our many supporters, our faithful friends, who link arms with us throughout the year, helping us to care for the down-and-out, the dispossessed, the profoundly disappointed—the diverse urban-scape of homeless men, women and children who seek the hope and help that is available, at Star of Hope.

Thank you everyone! Thank you, Nino, of Flowers by Nino, for the gorgeous floral arrangements. Nobody does flowers like you. Thank you Bright Star Productions for letting our lights shine, Rick Christi, of Studio W, for your expert direction, Ben E. Keith for your generous contribution to our dinner, Blacktie for your fabulous photos, Bruce Padilla, of Baccarat, for making our first Points of Light gift a thing of beauty, and Edward Hankey, for giving it an elegant base on which to rest; Gerald Ray for filling our registration area with music that made our guest feel special, Courtney Rai of Magic Moments, Inc., for helping us reach for the sky, and Bonita Bevel, of the Hilton Americas, for keeping us grounded.

Thank you, friends who were there and those who could not come. Thank you Ariel, Tamokia and Courtney for sharing your stories of victory over unimaginable odds; the valiant veterans of the Color Guard for presenting our nation’s flags, and Scot Cameron, for your beautiful delivery of the National Anthem.

Tomokia sharing her testimony at Star of Hope Banquet

Congratulations Dr. Moorhead, the first recipient of the Star of Hope George and Barbara Bush Volunteer Service Award, for your selfless service in helping the homeless to see clearly. Thank you.

Above All, thank you, Lord, for making this night with friends possible.

So What’s Ahead for the New Year?

Thursday, January 12, 2012
by Hank Rush
That’s the question we are all asking, isn’t it? And when we consider that for our homeless men, women and children in Houston, we know that “2012 will be a year of significantly more needs to be met.”

Star of Hope has always been on the cutting edge of ministry to the homeless. Over the past 105 years of service there have been three distinct transitions in the homeless need:
  1. Serving men-only for our first 80 years.
  2. Serving women and families beginning in the mid-80‘s.
  3. Now, the third transition…serving a growing percentage of our city’s AT RISK and ON THE BRINK of Homelessness population.
The face of homelessness has changed. For every person you see on the street corners asking for help or money, there are at least 10 others who are hidden…living in cars, on friends couches or in abandoned buildings, or about to lose their ability to maintain their ability to live and function independently.

2011 was a record year…with 25% more homeless people in Houston, and twice as many families homeless as there were just 2 years ago. Star of Hope stepped up, thanks to your amazing support, and served record numbers, all with open arms to anyone who came for help. Thank you for YOUR help…volunteering your time, bringing donations, giving financial gifts…and most importantly remembering us in your prayers.

One thing that you can always count on when you think of Star of Hope…this is a place where God Is At Work in the lives of our most needy individuals, and He does His Miracles here every day. It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! And all of us who work here do so with a reverent awe every day!

This new year, we are already focusing on how we can expand our job preparedness and job skills efforts for our clients. We are staying in touch with more of our graduates than ever before, to support them when they stumble or need a little extra help to stay on track. We are working in a more deliberate way than ever, to assist families and individuals who are ABOUT TO BE HOMELESS, by growing our day services and partnering more closely with other great organizations in Houston. And we are expanding our children’s and teen ministries to help prepare the children of our homeless families to live a different life…and break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in their generation.

Sound exciting? Then come join us and let’s make 2012 our best year ever of CHANGED LIVES in our great city!

Blessings to you and your family in the new year, and we look forward to working together with you in 2012.

Discover ways you can help with Star of Hope today. Visit:
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Faith & Hope Are Alive This Summer

Thursday, August 25, 2011
by Hank Rush
About two months ago, an 11 year old girl named Faith arrived at Star of Hope's downtown Women & Family Emergency Shelter with her grandmother. She was quiet, polite and read during her free time. Soon, Faith was invited to attend Summer Camp where she experienced a week of freedom from her difficult family life in the Piney Woods of East Texas. She opened up and had such a great time!

One night at dinner time, Faith shared with her counselor that she had been struggling with the idea of taking her life. When her dad died, she had tried to jump in front of a car, but it swerved just in time to spare her young life. Faith has felt so alone. Her mom abandoned her as a baby, her brother disconnected from the family, and her high school age sister has moved away.

As she shared her deep scars that night, a whole new world opened up for Faith, as our staff shared with her the truth of God’s love for her, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Faith placed her trust and hope in Christ that evening, and began a new journey. Today she is learning from God’s Word and about God’s Plan for her life…the future and the hope He has for her!

We thank God for his infinite wisdom and perfect timing. We also thank so many of you who provided financial resources for Faith, and over 100 other homeless children and teens who attended Summer Camp this year!

Faith and Hope are very much alive, this summer, through the Children’s Ministries of the Star of Hope Mission.

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Making the Bed of the Homeless

Friday, August 5, 2011
by Katelyn Oliver
Say Yes, And Go. How many times have we prayed for God to use us…to send us. Now we are just waiting…waiting. Still, 5 years later we are waiting for God to tell us where we are needed, patiently waiting for God to buy a plane ticket to where we need to go to be of help. I have been told that unless God is specifically telling you no he undoubtedly is telling you yes: go, make the bed, help by cleaning the floors, forgive, call the long lost friend, bring the lonely a lunch, look the man on the corner in his eyes, and share your story to your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and family. I think that just maybe, God has given us the wisdom to know where and how we are needed and he started waiting 5 years  ago for us to say, yes.

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Learning to Serve with Gratitude

Thursday, June 30, 2011
by Troy Williams Sr.
Not only do Star of Hope Alumni (ACTS - Alumni in Community, Transformation & Service) return to the campus to serve and give back, they build relationships and enhance the spiritual life of programmers in a number of ways off campus as well. 
  • Alumni conduct weekend spiritual retreat camps.
  • They organize many types of fellowships such as bowling fund raisers, acts of service outings, and sporting events to name a few.
  • Several Alumni pick up current SOH programmers and take them to churches, ministry events and family outings.
A hand full of our alumni have been certified by Texas Department of Criminal Justice to return to prisons to minister to inmates. Each of the alumni who have received certification have felonies and have served time in prison. The good news is that they have already returned on several occasions to give back to inmates behind prison walls.
This year the alumni were privileged to coordinate and participate in the Annual Cancer Relay Walk in Conroe, Texas. The alumni labored 24-hours around the clock and ministered to about three thousand people. The most exciting part however was the fact that they enlisted over 20 programmers from the Star of Hope Men's Development Center to serve in this event. These men manned prayer stations, set up tents and vendor stations, and passed out Christian information about salvation. During this event, ACTS in Worship set a precedent by providing Christian music for the first time ever during this particular Cancer Relay Walk.
As you can see, the alumni not only want to give back to the men in the program. They want to give back to those who have needs that are free and even those the locked up throughout Houston also. The alumni are consciously aware that they have been tremendously blessed by the generous gifts of donors and volunteers of the Star of Hope. "Because they thought enough of us to give their time, talent, and resources, I want to give back to others who may have needs throughout Houston. I was spiritually transformed and socially transitioned to a better state because of their generosity. I just have an Attitude of Gratitude," stated one alumnus.
The Star of Hope Alumni, ACTS Ministry would love to host a Spiritual Recovery Retreat, conduct a Worship & Praise Service or just help you on a service project on one of their Servant Saturdays. Contact to get started.
The Star of Hope staff is boasting in the Lord about the great works that the Star of Hope Alumni Ministry is doing in Jesus name. We pray that they continue to grow spiritually and continue to service Houston and surrounding area.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
by Troy Williams Sr.
The Star of Hope Men’s Development Center hosted their Annual Alumni Fellowship Celebration on Saturday June 25, 2011. This is a time when the Star of Hope (SOH) staff celebrates their appreciation for and demonstrates their love towards the alumni by sprucing up the place, preparing a delicious full course meal, sharing surprise gifts and cranking up some high praise and worship in Christ's Name.

Our alumni are men who have completed one of the many SOH programs, moved off the SOH campus in good standing and started a new life for themselves. In many cases, the SOH programs helped alumni to overcome homelessness, to receive healing from drugs and alcohol addiction, and to reconcile with their loved ones. Many of the alumni are so grateful to get a fresh start in life, to find new jobs, and to start afresh with their families that they want to give back even before they move off campus.

To help the alumni to satisfy this Attitude of Gratitude, the Alumni Ministry has developed over 20-service points that allow alumni to give back. Some alumni return to the Star of Hope Mission to minister and build relationships with men who are still in the SOH programs. Several alumni achieve this by visiting the campus and sharing time with programmers in one-on-one heartfelt talks. Several others return and facilitate small group meetings such as the 12-steps and process groups. A few of them return to the MDC campus to teach the Saturday Morning Bible Study. Several have received their callings to preach the Gospel of Christ and return after two years to preach in the MDC Chapel.

"We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as is right, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing. Therefore we ourselves boast about you in the churches of God for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions that you are enduring" --  2 Thessalonians 1:3-4 ES"

Happy Third Anniversary - New Horizons!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
by Erika Wise
June 6, 2011, marked the official Third Year Anniversary of Star of Hope's New Horizons program.  We moved in the first FIVE clients on June 6, 2008.  While none of those clients remain in the program today--several left successfully before completing the entire 3 year program--there are a few in their third year now.

Sandra is excited about her future...she is working for Goodwill Industries and loves her job. While she was just diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness, she and her children continue to trust God with their present and their future.  Sandra is concentrating on ensuring her children; Keiara-18; and Shawn-16; are ready for whatever life brings them. She prays that they know they are loved and she encourages them to dream for big, bright futures.

Cheri is gaining some ground. She felt she was spinning her wheels until recently. She had big dreams and plans that always seemed to be dashed at the last moment.  However, she is getting those dreams and plans on track and the Lord is blessing her by placing encouraging, loving people in her path to help her along. Cheri was able to transition from part time to full time work last month; she was able to purchase a more reliable vehicle; and, she completed her FAFSA (financial aid forms) so she can return to school next month to complete her few more credit hours toward her BA in graphic design.  She plans to leave this program a complete success.

As the staff consider the program since its inception, we have learned many things.  The clients respond well to the spiritual and emotional encouragement offered through biblical counseling, Recovery Class, and Bible Fellowship.  They encourage each other by offering to help when needed (see Artie's story "Please Pray for Me") and finding themselves as part of a positive community.

This past weekend, on June 4th, we had a Summer Fest. We reached out to our neighbors in the apartment complex and were able to encourage over 150 of our neighbors.  "These are people we see every day in passing," Henry O. said of the event, "But, today I got to really talk to them and encourage them.  They are nice people."

When we begin to see the next few "graduates" leave our program, we will know even more about them and the program's effectiveness.  One thing we do know...we sure do have a great time encouraging each other with the Word of God and praying for each other, too.

Here are some of our kids who made some crafts for their mothers for Mother's Day:

Mother's Day Craft time

We hope you will join us in the Summer of Hope and donate to Star of Hope Mission as we help our neighbors, others who are having hard times, and those who seek out shelter and assistance during these HOT summer months.  Bless you and your families as you seek God's will for your lives!!

Learn more about New Horizons and Star of Hope's other life-changing programs at
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