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Star of Hope's 2011 Ministry Report

Star of Hope's 2011 Ministry Report is available now. Take a look inside to see how your support is changing the lives homeless men, women and families in our community. In 2011, you helped accomplish that mission through your support for: 615,068 healthy, nourishing meals to reassure the hungry 87,218 donated articles of clothing and 5,910 toys and gifts to help families rebuild their lives... Read More »
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Where’s My Manual?

“Where’s my manual?” she asked as she approached the desk. “I’m sorry? What manual? I responded. “This paper says if I pray this prayer I’ll get a manual. I prayed the prayer, so where is my manual?” She held a gospel tract in her hand. “Let me see that.” I took the tract from her hand. The tract offered a manual for life to anyone who prayed the sinner’s prayer and received Christ as their... Read More »
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A Night With Friends

When Michael W. Smith sits down at the piano, as he did at the recent 2012 Star of Hope Banquet - Above All, you get more than a great performance; you get the feeling that you are in the company of a gentleman and a friend. That said, on the evening of February 2nd, the Lanier Ballroom at the Hilton Americas was transformed into a glorious sanctuary where the theme of the program: Above All... Read More »
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So What’s Ahead for the New Year?

That’s the question we are all asking, isn’t it? And when we consider that for our homeless men, women and children in Houston, we know that “2012 will be a year of significantly more needs to be met.”Star of Hope has always been on the cutting edge of ministry to the homeless. Over the past 105 years of service there have been three distinct transitions in the homeless need: Serving men-only for... Read More »
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Faith & Hope Are Alive This Summer

About two months ago, an 11 year old girl named Faith arrived at Star of Hope's downtown Women & Family Emergency Shelter with her grandmother. She was quiet, polite and read during her free time. Soon, Faith was invited to attend Summer Camp where she experienced a week of freedom from her difficult family life in the Piney Woods of East Texas. She opened up and had such a great time! One night... Read More »
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Making the Bed of the Homeless

How many times have we prayed for God to use us…to send us. Now we are just waiting…waiting. Still, 5 years later we are waiting for God to tell us where we are needed, patiently waiting for God to buy a plane ticket to where we need to go to be of help. I have been told that unless God is specifically telling you no he undoubtedly is telling you yes: go, make the bed, help by cleaning the floors,... Read More »
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Learning to Serve with Gratitude

Not only do Star of Hope Alumni (ACTS - Alumni in Community, Transformation & Service) return to the campus to serve and give back, they build relationships and enhance the spiritual life of programmers in a number of ways off campus as well.  Alumni conduct weekend spiritual retreat camps. They organize many types of fellowships such as bowling fund raisers, acts of service outings, and sporting... Read More »
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An Attitude of Gratitude

The Star of Hope Men’s Development Center hosted their Annual Alumni Fellowship Celebration on Saturday June 25, 2011. This is a time when the Star of Hope (SOH) staff celebrates their appreciation for and demonstrates their love towards the alumni by sprucing up the place, preparing a delicious full course meal, sharing surprise gifts and cranking up some high praise and worship in Christ's Name.... Read More »
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Happy Third Anniversary - New Horizons!!

June 6, 2011, marked the official Third Year Anniversary of Star of Hope's New Horizons program.  We moved in the first FIVE clients on June 6, 2008.  While none of those clients remain in the program today--several left successfully before completing the entire 3 year program--there are a few in their third year now. Sandra is excited about her future...she is working for Goodwill Industries and... Read More »
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The Best for Our Children's Education and Career

Congratulations and many blessings to our graduates, parents, and supporters of our children. I would like to encourage parents and supporters to continue praying for, paving the way, and providing for our children’s academic pursuits and career advancements. As we strive to achieve excellence in academics and for the perfect vocation, let us always seek God first and His righteousness... Read More »
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Today Is A Day Of Hope

You may have seen the story "Homeless Population Keeps Increasing" in the Houston Chronicle this week, the results of the 2011 Homeless Count for our city. It's no surprise to me that the number of homeless people in Houston has risen by 25% in just one year.If you've been following my blog the past two years, you know that Star of Hopehas served record crowds since 2009, with the greatest... Read More »
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Last Night 52 Homeless People Slept on the Floor of Star of Hope's Emergency Shelter

I wanted to tell you about Charity Navigator, a national nonprofit rating service.  They take nonprofit tax returns (Form 990) and calculate 9 factors which give an overall rating as to the effectiveness of the nonprofit.  They have incorporated written  reviews which have been posted by those who feel that the nonprofit is especially effective.  Star of Hope now has a “three star” rating (out of... Read More »
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More Servant's Hearts!

Myron and I were frantically looking for the teens to take them on an outing. Because of the time strain, we tried to leave earlier than the time on the permission slips. To our surprise, we could only get a handful of teens, because about 9 teens were pre-occupied – with serving in the kitchen! The serving line and dishwashers…full of teens serving the guests with smiles on their faces! Then... Read More »
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A Portrait for Mom!

Mother’s Day is coming up next week…Sunday, May 8th! In preparation for that, one of my favorite events for our children here at Star of Hope is being held next week at our Transitional Living Center, for all of our client’s children. It’s a fun afternoon hosted by Trees of Hope, our affiliate which has been serving Star of Hope for over 20 years now.After school, all the kids will gather in... Read More »
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Servant's Heart

“If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.”  -- John 13:14-15 Last week I came into work like I always do on a typical Thursday. As the time rolled around for the teens to return from school, Dominck Mancuso came through my door. This surprised me a little bit because... Read More »
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College Bound for the Stars of 2morrow

Imagine being two years behind in school and never knowing if you be able to return to the same school the next day, the next semester or the next year. This is a reality some this year's graduates have faced. We constantly have teens who stay with us who are two years behind. That is sometimes heartbreaking.But this year we have FOUR teens to get accepted into college. Reva is going University of... Read More »
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"Please Pray for Me" Part 2

It is a humbling experience to be at the mercy of others during a time of injury, illness or their need. And, that is exactly what I am facing. As Director of Star of Hope's New Horizons Program, I get to minister to the needs of others every day. I have the privilege of encouraging others in times of worry/distress and times of achievement/success.  I also get to pray with others on a daily basis... Read More »
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"Please Pray for Me"

It is a call every parent dreads...a call that your child has been hurt and is in the hospital.Well, these clients are certainly not my children--many of them would cringe at the thought!! But, as I interact with them, pray for/with them, share their struggles and cheer their achievements--I feel much like a parent.On Saturday, March 5th, I was told that one of the Star of Hope Mission - New Horizo... Read More »
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Because You Love

“Star of Hope in Houston Texas, You're truly changing lives, not with lip service but with hope, love & opportunity, amazing job. Thank You!” @LeighAnneTuohyThese words were posted on Twitter last Saturday by LeighAnne Tuohy, following Star of Hope’s Annual “Because You Love” Banquet the night before. It was our best attended banquet ever with 1700+ donors, corporate sponsors and... Read More »
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Sometimes, All You Can Do Is Help Them Cry

He left the office with his two framed photos and an envelope of pictures...the only tangible memories of a year-long relationship with the woman he hoped to marry one day.Back-story: I read an email one time:"Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child. The winner was a four year old child whose... Read More »
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