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ACTS Bowling for Souls: August 7, 2010

Star of Hope's Men's Development Center Alumni (ACTS) are “Bowling for Souls” again on August 7th at Emerald Bowl at 9307 Boone Road Houston, TX 77099. This is the second year that ACTS is hosting a bowling tournament. Last year the event raised roughly $8,000, which included a 100% matching donation, which was used to meet the needs of individuals who are less fortunate in the city of Houston.

Below are a few ways ACTS have served over the last several months. During the first quarter 2010 alone, ACTS impacted over 6000 people. Members of ACTS have lead worship services, which includes preaching, praising, praying, and sharing personal testimony. They have ministered on the streets in the Montrose area, in Herman Park, at the Salvation Army, at Open Door Mission, and several other places. Their aim is always to do their part in saving souls for Christ and encouraging others to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dozens have come to Christ over the last year.

As stated above, ACTS partner with several other Houston ministries and shelters to facilitate life change in Christ. Last week ACTS ministered at the “Church in the Park” in the court yard of Palmer Episcopal Church in the museum district where hundreds of homeless migrate. Many homeless individuals struggle with some kind of barrier that prevents them from living productive lives. These issues range from a lack of social skills to mental illness. Some have multiple felons and cannot obtain gainful employment. Whatever the barrier may be, ACTS is willing to do their part to assist them along the way.

Last Saturday, Farren, a 40 year old man from Nacogdoches, confided in one of the alumni. Farren needed a change of clothes because he had been wearing the same clothes for weeks. One of the alumni took him to SOH and helped him get a change of clothes, a hot meal, and a preached Word from God. While this may seem like a small feat for some, Farren was living “high on the hog” so to speak with clean clothes, a cool bed, and a freshly preach Word. As they journeyed to the Star of Hope together, the Alumni shared how he was once homeless and hopeless but now he is working, on his feet, and helping others. Farren asked for a change of clothes and God used a willing vessel to provide so much more.

One of the issues with homelessness is that most people know what they want but don’t know what they need and where and how to get what they really need. I know that was a tongue twisted but life can get twisted sometimes too. Farren now can see just a little more Jesus at the end of the tunnel.

ACTS also work closely with graduates as they finish the programs. ACTS provides alumni movers to help graduates purchase furniture through the Furniture Bank and provide one day Metro bus passes so that men in the program and graduates can attend church services on the weekend.

Because many “friends of ACTS” gave to the ACTS Ministry last year, they are able to win more soul for Christ and help somebody along the way. Thanks for your generosity, prayers, and your participation to make ACTS what it is in Christ.

Learn more about ACTS (Alumni in Community, Transformation and Service) at Christian Ministries Houston.

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