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Blessed Beyond Measure

"I was Blessed Beyond Measure.” That is the testimony of one of hundreds of volunteers at Star of Hope Mission. Many of our volunteers come out to serve and bless the lives of Star of Hope constituents. However, they often times echo the same quote above.

One of the greatest joys that I have experienced at Star of Hope is working alongside volunteers when they serve through the Men’s Development Center Spiritual Life Program. Seeing the glow in their eyes, the bright smiles on their faces, and the enthusiasm in their service to God brightens up my day in the Lord and stirs me to give more of myself.

If you, your church or organization is looking to pick up the pace on fulfilling your life’s purpose this year, you should consider volunteering your time and talent at Star of Hope. You will be "Blessed Beyond Measure" as you spark up some spiritual stamina. You will be able to spiritually impact the lives of others as God is blessing you.

The Spiritual Life Program of the Men’s Development Center is looking for individuals who can present God’s Gospel in Spirit and Truth in creative ways during our evening Chapel Services. We welcome creative arts, plays, dance, drama, musicals, etc. If you can present God’s Creative Gospel in Spirit and in Truth, please contact us.

Chapel is held seven days a week from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. We welcome God’s creative genius at work in and through your life.

Please click Volunteer Jobs Houston to find out how you can get involved with Star of Hope.

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