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Learning to Serve with Gratitude

Not only do Star of Hope Alumni (ACTS - Alumni in Community, Transformation & Service) return to the campus to serve and give back, they build relationships and enhance the spiritual life of programmers in a number of ways off campus as well. 
  • Alumni conduct weekend spiritual retreat camps.
  • They organize many types of fellowships such as bowling fund raisers, acts of service outings, and sporting events to name a few.
  • Several Alumni pick up current SOH programmers and take them to churches, ministry events and family outings.
A hand full of our alumni have been certified by Texas Department of Criminal Justice to return to prisons to minister to inmates. Each of the alumni who have received certification have felonies and have served time in prison. The good news is that they have already returned on several occasions to give back to inmates behind prison walls.
This year the alumni were privileged to coordinate and participate in the Annual Cancer Relay Walk in Conroe, Texas. The alumni labored 24-hours around the clock and ministered to about three thousand people. The most exciting part however was the fact that they enlisted over 20 programmers from the Star of Hope Men's Development Center to serve in this event. These men manned prayer stations, set up tents and vendor stations, and passed out Christian information about salvation. During this event, ACTS in Worship set a precedent by providing Christian music for the first time ever during this particular Cancer Relay Walk.
As you can see, the alumni not only want to give back to the men in the program. They want to give back to those who have needs that are free and even those the locked up throughout Houston also. The alumni are consciously aware that they have been tremendously blessed by the generous gifts of donors and volunteers of the Star of Hope. "Because they thought enough of us to give their time, talent, and resources, I want to give back to others who may have needs throughout Houston. I was spiritually transformed and socially transitioned to a better state because of their generosity. I just have an Attitude of Gratitude," stated one alumnus.
The Star of Hope Alumni, ACTS Ministry would love to host a Spiritual Recovery Retreat, conduct a Worship & Praise Service or just help you on a service project on one of their Servant Saturdays. Contact to get started.
The Star of Hope staff is boasting in the Lord about the great works that the Star of Hope Alumni Ministry is doing in Jesus name. We pray that they continue to grow spiritually and continue to service Houston and surrounding area.

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