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If you or a loved one is suffering from any addictive behaviors and is now sick and tired of the pain and suffering, don't medicate with drugs and alcohol any longer, seek the true Physician, Jesus Christ.

There was a woman who suffered from continuous bleeding for twelve long years. She tried everything that she could to stop the bleeding. She spent all of her money on doctors, but they could not stop the bleeding. She and the doctors eventually realized that they were powerless over this issue of blood. They did not have the authority or power to stop the pain (Luke 8:43-47).

When we are suffering, the tendency is to fix the problems ourselves. We plan and strategies. We spend countless hours seeking advice from our loved ones and professionals who are powerless too.
When this lady saw Jesus walking though the crowded streets in Jerusalem, she pressed her way through and touched the hem of His garment and was healed immediately.

Our suffering is often times prolonged because we try to fix the issue with our own devices and strength. We may spend all of our time and money just to discover that the pain is still there. We extend the pain because we want to correct things our way. Why not let the One who has all power fix it.

Stop the madness and touch Jesus. You may or may not receive instantaneous healing as the lady did in the story. But, in His way, Jesus will fix it.

Will you trust Him today?

Contact your local shelter with a drug rehab program or contact the Star of Hope Mission in Houston, Texas and we help you to find relief for your pain.

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