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Universal Care: The Sole Provider

Universal Care is available to all. You qualify if you are a visitor with a visa in a foreign land or an illegal alien in despair. You qualify if you are sitting on a plush sofa in your luxurious living room stressed free. You qualify if you are standing in a local government welfare office furious and depressed. You even qualify if you are lying between the bushes of a wild jungle in an undeveloped country craving your next prey.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any emotional, mental, social, spiritual anxieties, this program can help you overcome them. If you or a loved one has any habits, hang ups, or hurts that have isolated you from society, promoted self sufficiency, produced self- grander, or rendered self-disappointments, this program can help you move beyond self-dissatisfaction to a meaningful life of hope, purpose, and relationships. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you can be set free to soar in sobriety once again. Recovery is one breath away.

All services are provided for by the Sole Provider—the Author and the Finisher. He will never leave you hanging on the phone of despair or wondering in the dark about full coverage. He will not exaggerate the truth because He cannot lie. On top of that, whatever He starts, He finishes. Moreover, whatever service He provides, they will be second to none. Don’t worry. You will come to love Him. In the end, everything will work out for your good. He is like a Star of Hope that shines in the darkest moments.

Not only that, the program is guaranteed for one’s entire life, which includes life, death, and beyond. The program will never expire. It is eternal. You will receive personal care that last forever from the Giver of Life-The Soul Provider.

To top it off, all fees are paid for in full by the Redeemer, who is the Sole Provider and the only Soul Provider. Consequently, you will never have to look for another provider. Now, that’s good news.

Just in case you were wondering, the Soul Provider is Jesus the Christ. He died on the cross to pay the cost of our sins and to redeem us back into a right relationship with God. The penalty of sin was and is death but the gift of God (Jesus Christ) provides eternal life in heaven. He paid the cost for everyone’s sins in one divine instant. When society was full of sin and decadence, the Sole Provider became our Soul Provider. He became a medicine of light that brightened the soul in her darkest moment according to Jeremiah 8:22.

Praise God for His Universal Care program of salvation. It offers care and coverage for all emotional states, mental concerns, social disparities, and spiritual conditions.

A.     Everyone is welcome to be a part of UC according to I Timothy 2:3-4 and II Peter 3:9.

B.     You can be of any nationality, race, gender, or social class according to Ephesians 3: 28.

C.     Whoever believes in Jesus and confesses sins according to Romans 10:9 becomes a lifetime member.

Congratulations!  No need to agonize and pull out any more hair. Everything you need to know to care for your heart, soul, mind, and spirit for now and for eternity is one click away. Click on The Bible or The Living Word to meet the one and only Sole and Soul Provider, Jesus Christ.

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