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Football, Dancing and Tennis

It's been a long time since I've last written to all of you. Summer is always the busiest of times at the Star of Hope! I've been running around every where with the kids this summer. Some of you may wonder what it is exactly children at Star of Hope do all summer long. Thanks to people like you--donors, volunteers, and staff--summer time is a wonderful time for our kids. A few of the activities the children have participated in this summer include the Donald Driver Football Camp, dancing lessons, and tennis lessons.

So, since I have no time to write about it all, I have asked my wonderful kids to share some of their experiences with you. I hope you enjoy reading how much fun they've been having!

"We went to Football camp at the beginning of the summer. It was a fun place where you exercise all day! You get to run laps, jump over obstacles, jump rope, do push-ups...and take water breaks! The fun part was when we were running. After that we all got in a circle and talked, then we all cleaned up and played tag football. Then, we all got to meet and get autographs by Donald Driver." -- Shane

"Every Thursday Ms. Zoe comes and teaches how to dance. What I like about it is that she teach us how to dance in different cultures. So far, we learned Praise Dance, Hip-Hop, Mexican Latino dances, and African. Although she is leaving, we will still remember what she taught us." -- Little Jonah

"Every Thursday and Tuesday, Mr. Paris and his helper come and teach us how to hold a racquet and hit a ball. We learned how to hit it with our back hand and forehand. We learned how to hit a ball parallel to a wall. We also play games like “king of the court” and “queen of the court”. Mr. Paris said I could be like him, a pro, because I was queen of the court seventeen times! And I do my warm-up with the ball and the racquet really fast. I love tennis. I wish they could come and teach us every day." -- Dasia

We'll write to you again soon and let you know what we've been up to these last two months.

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