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What I Liked about Camp

A couple of weeks ago, some of our youth attended summer camp at Stoney Creek Ranch. The experience was such a blessing for all of us! For four days and three nights, kids and teens were immersed in activities that reflected the love of God in their lives.

Teens from Star of Hope at Summer Camp

On the last day of camp , counselors invited kids to come up to the microphone and say something that they learned or liked about camp. This is what they said:

“Thank you for letting me have a fun summer” – Ironesha

“I learned how to have compassion like Jesus did on the Cross for us” – Ryan

“We are so glad we came to Stoney Creek!” – Destiny and Vyolet

“I learned how to swim” – Maryann

“I learned to put everything in Jesus’ hands” – Destiny

“I learned how to play volleyball” – Vyolet

“I gave my life to Christ yesterday” – Telisha

“I learned that tomorrow is not promised, so give your life to Jesus while you still can” – Asia

“We gave our life to Christ yesterday” – Dasia and Danielle

“I learned you can’t turn your back on Christ; you have to turn your back on the devil” – Ryan

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