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An Opportunity for Creative Expression!

It’s probably been a year since we first met perky art consultant, Sheri Hammonds. A dynamic MBA with a gentle, compassionate spirit, Sheri contacted Star of Hope about teaching art classes for our adult clients. Sheri described how she loves “to move paint” and how this creative outlet might help our clients express feelings for which they have no words. 


Since that first meeting, Sheri’s dedication to this project never wavered. When others might have become overwhelmed by the ever-present challenges of a start-up program, Sheri met with artists and recruited volunteers to assist with the classes. Along with her team, Sheri attended workshops on teaching art, as well as our required volunteer orientation. She developed a 7-week curriculum for the classes, located funding sources for art supplies and got a large quantity of supplies donated. And she worked tirelessly with all of us at Star of Hope to ensure each detail was carefully attended. It wasn’t an easy process, but Sheri was committed to the project God placed on her heart. 


Yesterday afternoon, finally, Sheri held her first class for 10 ladies at our Transitional Living Center! Sheri was joined by three more volunteer teachers – Paula, Carol and Lucy. At first, some of the clients were a little anxious and hesitant to try something so new. But Sheri worked beside them, reassuring and encouraging all of the ladies. Soon, everyone was filling large sheets of paper with beautiful colors and sharing moments of fun, laughter and relaxation – as well as a few artistic tips.


Sheri said, “I was particularly moved by one student’s explanation of her drawing, which was a road leading to various paths in her life and stops in her truck.  I also had a great conversation with one student about her heroes in her life. She told me about three people she’d like to have dinner with if she ever had the chance.  This was a wonderful group and they were so glad to be creating and relaxing.”


Like Sheri, you can make a real difference in the lives of Houston’s homeless men, women and children.  Register today to become a Star of Hope volunteer at Community Service Volunteers Houston.

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