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Exciting Changes for Star of Hope's Volunteer Services Team

Stephanie McMath joined Star of Hope's Volunteer Services team last fall - just in time to work with all of our holiday volunteers.  From the beginning, we knew her time with us wouldn't be long.  Her temporary assignment was scheduled to end right after Christmas and she already had big plans for the future.  Stephanie, who has lived abroad and traveled much of her life, has a real heart for people of all cultures.  Her dream is to become truly fluent in Spanish while teaching English to the people in Argentina. 

Stephanie did an awesome job during our busiest time of the year and immediately built strong relationships with many of our volunteers.  We were thrilled when she agreed to work a little longer while she prepared to move.  I left work with a heavy heart the day she told me she had purchased a non-refundable plane ticket.  The time passed quickly and tomorrow is Stephanie's last day.  

When asked what memories she will take away from Star of Hope, Stephanie talked about the hearts of our volunteers, "There's a desire to help and contribute that's really inspiring.  It's just so special.  It's going to leave a mark.  You can't work here and not be touched.  God is working here and you can't ignore it."

Although sending Stephanie off on her new adventure is bittersweet, we are very excited to welcome Courtney Hill to our team.  Courtney brings many wonderful gifts, talents and experience to the table, including experience in volunteer program management.  When asked why she enjoys working with volunteers, Courtney said, "Volunteers are the most selfless, giving people.  I love how they restore my faith in humanity."  As our newest volunteer liaison, Courtney joins Julia Peterlin, Billie Tully and me in meeting the needs of our mission through the incredible volunteers God brings through our doors.

Please pray with us as we ask God's blessings on Stephanie's new life in Argentina and Courtney's work here at Star of Hope.  These two amazing women are going to accomplish great things for His kingdom as they joyfully minister to others right here at Star of Hope and in places faraway.

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Name: Florence Achieng
Time: Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank you for the interesting stories. God bless you the ministry

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