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GE Energy creates an evening of special memories

When volunteers from GE Energy hosted Family Fun Time at Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center, it was quite an adventure for Sylvia, a client in our New Hope program. “I’ve been around the world in the last hour!” she exclaimed with a broad grin. “I’ve met all of these wonderful volunteers from all over the world!”

While in Houston, this international GE Energy group asked to include a volunteer project in their plans.  We were delighted when they selected Star of Hope!  The fun started with a hamburger dinner and all the trimmings. And then, laughter, bright smiles and giggles spread out across the cool fall evening.

GE Energy - Quality Summit Team

A volleyball game in one courtyard grew bigger and bigger as more and more clients joined energetic volunteers. Sack races, golf, bowling and badminton filled the other courtyard. Clients and volunteers gathered around tables in the chapel for board games, dominoes, face painting and crafts.

One little boy, perhaps 6 and very bashful, looked around the chapel in wide-eyed wonder. When a volunteer asked if he would like to play a game, he nodded, “Yes.” Although he followed the volunteer to pick out a game, it was the volunteer who had to make the choice. The little boy would not say a word. But the volunteer did not give up, and finally, broke the ice. Moments later, both the little boy and the volunteer were doubled over in laughter and talking with each other 90 miles an hour.

I don’t know who had the most fun – the kids or adults, the clients or the volunteers. But I doubt anyone will soon forget this special time together.

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