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God Fits Us All Together to Serve Those in Need

Isn’t it amazing how God who created the universe give each one of us our own unique gifts, talents and abilities?!? And then, He fits all of those gifts, talents and abilities together so that the needs of those less fortunate are met and He is glorified. I see His marvelous work each and every day at Star of Hope Mission through our volunteers.


Although I’ve never met her face-to-face, Sue Cherry is an artist who uses a pair of knitting needles to bless our clients. As the weather begins to get colder, small boxes arrive from Sue every so often. Each box contains maybe eight or ten knit hats and scarves. Sue uses beautiful jewel-tone yarn and weaves intricate textures and patterns into each piece. You could not buy the quality and love that Sue knits into these special hats and scarves.


Friday nights find Ric and Marla Hartung serving dinner at the Transitional Living Center. But their work begins long before they arrive at Star of Hope. On Thursday evenings, they race home from work to bake several large trays of homemade goodies - cake, dessert bars and brownies. Friday night dinner is served with something sweet and lots of love.


Mark Brockman is a CPA who works in our Finance department. However, Mark came to Star of Hope many years ago as a volunteer GED tutor, and even after joining our staff, remained committed to sharing his knowledge with our clients. Each tax season, Mark volunteers evenings and weekends to assist clients with their returns.


Although she ministers during chapel services at the Men’s Development Center throughout the year, Thanksgiving dinner would not be the same without singer and yodeler Charlotte Henson. While the men enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving turkey feast, Charlotte performs holiday favorites, all of the traditional Christmas carols and a few fun numbers like Drop Kick Me Jesus through the Goalposts of Life.


I’ve heard volunteer Eliot Young referred to as “the original granola girl”. Elliot gets clients in the Transitional Living Center’s Personal Development classes excited about healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and keeping fit. In her professional career, Rhada Ristau manages portfolios of the very wealthy. As another Personal Development volunteer, Rhada teaches our clients those same basic principles of sound money management.


There are stories just like these repeated throughout Star of Hope every day - volunteers who use their unique God-given gifts, talents and abilities to meet the needs of Houston’s homeless men, women and children. We are grateful for each volunteer God sends to minister alongside our staff and pray God will abundantly bless their participation in our mission today and always!

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