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Have you heard about Volgistics?

Volgistics.  No, it is not an alien species that inhabits some far away galaxy in the latest chapter of Star Trek. It is the awesome new database Star of Hope is using to manage our volunteer program. Volgistics means the Volunteer Services team can better serve our volunteers, programs and clients.


All volunteers are now required to register online prior to their scheduled project date. When volunteers arrive for their project, the sign-in process will be faster and volunteers will spend less time in the reception area. Within a few months, touch screen kiosks will also be available for High Impact Volunteers to log in and out.


Moving forward, Volgistics will exponentially increase our capacity for information management. Everyone on the Volunteer Services team now shares the same information. If one team member is unavailable, another team member will still be able to help.


We receive many calls from volunteers requesting service hours for college applications, resumes and financial records. Once registered in Volgistics, volunteers are able to access the Star of Hope Volunteer Center from any computer to review their contact information and service log. Even if volunteers served as part of a group, hours will be recorded for each individual group member.


The bottom line - advanced volunteer registration allows us to better identify every person working in our facilities and provide a more secure environment for all of our clients.  


Volgistics has amazing capabilities…the changes are exciting and we are only beginning! But electronic data management will never replace the importance of building strong relationships with all of our volunteer partners. We are grateful for the unique gifts, talents, abilities, interests and compassion of each volunteer and continue to be awed by the way God knits us all together to meet the needs of Houston’s homeless men, women and children.

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