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Hopeful about the Future

Ever turn on the evening news and wish you hadn’t? Nightly reports, packed with violence, tragedy and heartache, leave little hope for anything but a bleak, catastrophic future. That’s why I wish everyone could see the world through the window in my office!

Every day, I have the incredible privilege of working with hundreds of people - from our city, across the state, throughout our nation and around the world - who demonstrate caring through volunteerism. Regardless of the demands and circumstances in their own lives, Star of Hope volunteers are excited about the opportunity to serve the homeless men, women and children God brings through our doors. They just need to know how to help.

When I see the immense love and compassion, talent and enthusiasm God has placed in Star of Hope volunteers, it is hard to be anything but hopeful about the future! Not just pretty words, but truly love-in-action, people of all ages and backgrounds who are called to serve, ready to help at a moment’s notice. Then, to watch miracles happen as God uses these volunteers to touch hearts and forever, eternally, change the lives of others is the most amazing thing!

So spend the day with me and look out of my window. God’s people are busy reaching out to help those in need. Your heart will rejoice!

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