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Men's T-shirts, Underwear and Socks Needed!

Wow, Sunday is Father’s Day! And once again, I have put off shopping. Not because I’ve been too busy or needed to wait for payday. I honestly don’t know what to buy. It seems the dads in my life already have everything they want and need. I can’t bring myself to buy more golf shirts, CD’s, gift cards or Astros tickets. If you’re like me, here’s a thought……

Many of the men who come to Star of Hope have little more than the shirts on their backs and an enormous sense of hopelessness. When a child is homeless, it is tragic. The child didn’t create, and cannot fix, the situation for him or herself. When a woman is homeless, there is understanding. She must have been in an abusive relationship….Her cheating man must have walked out on her….She was too busy taking care of her kids to get an education and now can’t support herself. But when a man is homeless, the story is very different. Men are supposed to be the providers and the breadwinners. There is precious little understanding and no one makes excuses. Homeless men are often looked at as lazy, uncaring and no good. 

But Hope is alive! As men walk into the Star of Hope Men’s Development Center, they learn about a Savior who loves them just as they are. They don’t have to get cleaned up before He extends His unconditional love to them. They no longer have to carry the burden and stigma of being homeless. When they accept Jesus has their Savior, they can place all their burdens on Him. What an awesome, amazing God we serve!

As the hands and feet of Christ, we, too, can reach out to help the down-trodden in a very practical way. Each month, the Men’s Center distributes about 1,000 t-shirts/undershirts, pairs of underwear and pairs of socks to Houston’s homeless men. There is a constant need for these items. So here’s an idea to make your Father’s Day shopping easy. In honor of the dads in your life, buy t-shirts, underwear and socks in sizes medium – 3XL. Put one of each item in a ziplock bag and mark the bag with the size it contains. (The t-shirt and underwear should be the same size.) When you’re finished, drop your donation off at any Star of Hope location. 

Just imagine the impact each ziplock bag will have on the life of a homeless man. It might be the very thing that God uses to touch his heart so that acceptance, healing and restoration can begin!

Find more urgent and ongoing needs at Philanthropy Opportunities Houston

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Name: Shelby
Time: Thursday, September 9, 2010

I think this is a great way to help your community, just by giving homeless womens and men's t shirts, pants, socks, and shoes!

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