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NBTA Project Day - Part 3

Local NBTA members arrived in their own cars, and buses packed with NBTA members from across the country pulled up to Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center right on schedule. Suddenly, the campus was filled with the neon orange shirts of NBTA leadership and the dazzling red shirts of NBTA members. Each volunteer came ready to work!


Empty one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments were filled with paint brushes and trays, rollers, masking tape and ladders. Volunteers knew they were getting these apartments ready so that homeless families could move in. Other volunteers painted the l-o-n-g hallways on all three floors of the Singles’ dorm, like a college-dorm setting where two rooms share a bath. The bright, fresh coat of paint told clients, “You’re important! You deserve a nice, attractive place to live!”

While most volunteers painted, one or two volunteers worked with our kitchen staff to prepare dinner. And a few more wrote notes of encouragement that were placed in client mailboxes.  These notes will be forever treasured….

“Just wanted you to know someone is praying for you today!” 

“Hang in there! I will be keeping a good thought for you!”
When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’” 


About the time everyone needed a break, the most amazing thing happened – a couple of guys from Chick-fil-A at Holcombe & Buffalo Speedway came through the door with two large coolers. Classic chicken sandwiches, leftover from another event, were an unexpected treat for clients, volunteers and staff members. The timing was perfect!


Re-energized, volunteers not only finished painting the planned areas, but also taped, prepped and painted several other large areas. Their enthusiasm and hard work were inspiring!


As the cars and buses pulled away, taking NBTA members back to the convention floor, we were grateful for such a fabulous opportunity to share our mission with new friends from Houston and across the USA!

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