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In Memory Of....

On Saturday, I was out in The Woodlands for my cousin, Jerry's, 60th birthday celebration.  Our dads are brothers.  I was the only one there from the Morrison side of the family, but there were lots of aunts, uncles and cousins from his mother's side.  It was my first time to meet some of them; others I hadn't seen since I was a kid.  Not only was it wonderful fun meeting and reconnecting, I also... Read More »
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Thank You, Star of Hope Volunteers!

Although others might disagree, I truly believe the Volunteer Services team has the best jobs at Star of Hope! Every single day, Julie, Billie and I have the privilege of working with people who come to Star of Hope simply because they have a heart to serve. They come as partners in our mission – not wanting anything in return. These amazing people are Star of Hope volunteers! Our volunteers bring... Read More »
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Star of Hope Volunteers Are Everywhere!

Every day I find that people in our community are eager to know more about Star of Hope, the services we provide and how to get involved.  One question I am often asked is, “Where do you get your volunteers?”  The answer is simple – from everywhere!  l  Churches, Bible studies & various ministriesl  Local and out-of-town mission outreach groupsl  Businesses – Small businesses to... Read More »
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Dressing Up For Easter

I remember Easter time when I was growing up here in Houston. My mom and grandmother would take me shopping for the perfect new dress, complete with all the matching accessories, to wear to church on Easter morning. Oh, my goodness! Dressing rooms filled with possibilities and girl-time I will never forget. But most of the moms who come to Star of Hope are worried about a safe place for their... Read More »
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Learning To Have Some Fun!

There’s no one on the Star of Hope staff I respect more than those who work each day on the front lines with our clients! I am always in awe of the tremendous care, compassion and empathy they have for all of the hurting men, women and children God sends through our doors! Clients come to Star of Hope burdened and weighted down with the worries and stresses of homelessness. But thanks to our... Read More »
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A Special Easter Celebration!

Saturday was a clear, sparkling, spring day! But the bright Houston sunshine did not compare with the generous, compassionate hearts of our volunteers or the big, beautiful smiles lighting up the faces of guests at Star of Hope's Women & Family Emergency Shelter. Our friends from Texon hosted their very special third annual Easter celebration, and amid all the fun and festivities, homeless men,... Read More »
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Frances Swartsfager - Still Volunteering At Age 96!

This afternoon held one of those lovely, rare treats that we all cherish and hold close to our hearts. Sherri Ramos, from our Development department, and I were privileged to have lunch in the home of a most remarkable woman, Frances Swartsfager. Until her health began failing late last year, Frances was an active Star of Hope volunteer. But at age 96, she has certainly not retired!Sharing a... Read More »
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Serving In The Kitchen - A Volunteer Favorite

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in….” Matthew 25:35Assisting in the kitchen is one of our most requested volunteer jobs and a favorite of both long-term and one-timevolunteers. Kitchen volunteers do everything from assist with food preparation and set-up to serving the meals and clean-up.... Read More »
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Princess With A Purpose Party

I remember when my daughter, Meredith, was a little girl, playing dress-up with her friends.  They would get into my make-up and nail polish and transform themselves into beautiful little princesses.  Pink and purple, lace and tiaras, giggles and laughter filled the room! Many of the little girls who come to Star of Hope with their moms have never had the opportunity for those precious childhood... Read More »
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Volunteer Helping Houston Homeless

My name is Elizabeth Hatler, Manager of Volunteer Services at Star of Hope.  As a Houston girl, I’ve known about Star of Hope for as long as I can remember.  What a privilege it is to be a part of this mission and work with the many amazing volunteers who come through our doors!  It’s incredible to see how God uses volunteers to meet our needs.  Every day, my heart is touched by volunteers who... Read More »
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