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Star of Hope - A Refuge from the Heat

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Everyone in my family-of-five had gone their own way after getting home from church and having lunch. I was in the living room, downloading a few songs from my laptop onto my iPod, when a loud pop came from somewhere outside. The power was instantly gone and the house filled with overwhelming quiet.  


This was the second time within a few weeks we found ourselves without electricity on a Sunday. As we gathered to discuss the unpleasant reality, we vividly remembered the 12+ hours it took to restore our power the previous Sunday. 


My youngest son, Josh, said if power was not back on by bedtime that he was going to sleep on our porcelain tile floor. The porcelain typically stays very cool, but the floor is extremely hard. The thought of Josh sleeping on a rock-hard floor to find a little relief in an otherwise sweltering night broke my heart. I thought about the many homeless mothers who struggle and anguish over the often dangerous, uncomfortable and dirty places their precious children will sleep. The thought brings tears to my eyes….and I can’t even begin to grasp the helplessness and hopelessness they must feel as they look into the questioning eyes of their little ones.


My family is very fortunate, very blessed indeed.  Although inconvenient, we had the means to find a comfortable waiting place and air conditioned cars to get there.   But what about the many homeless men, women and children in our city who live on the streets and don’t have those options? Where do they go to escape the treacherous, life-threatening heat that beats down on the sizzling pavement day after endless day?  There’s not even the relief that old, vacant buildings provide during the cold of winter. Stale, stagnant air scorches the lungs and sweat steadily drips from every pore until dehydration sets in.


I praise and thank God that long ago He made provision for a place called Star of Hope Mission. Today, Star of Hope reaches out to the homeless in our city with safe, welcoming shelter and so much more. Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, Houston’s homeless men, women and children find refuge from the blistering heat of the summer and meet a Savior who will provide for every need.

Learn how you can get involved. Visit Volunteer Jobs Houston to find an opportunity of interest to you.


Help make this a Summer of Hope for the homeless in our city.

Donate $10 by safely texting SOH to 20222.

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