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Star of Hope Volunteers Touch Hearts & Change Lives!

Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.
Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am so glad you gave.


Many of us are familiar with the beautiful Ray Boltz song, Thank You For Giving To The Lord. But here in my office, the song’s meaning becomes far more profound as the lyrics are brought to life by those who were formerly homeless. 


My phone rings and I am greeted by a strong, confident voice on the other end. The caller explains that she was once a client at Star of Hope. Perhaps she was homeless as a child and lived at Star of Hope with her family. Or maybe it’s been only a few short years since she was a homeless adult. But life has dramatically changed since leaving our mission. There is now a home. A job. A steady income. Stability. The pain and bondage of homelessness have been broken, and what was once tragic, is now a life filled with joy, hope, peace and happiness. So on this day, she is calling to volunteer, to find a way to give back for the help she received. But what strikes me most is the end of her story. The reason she wants to give back as a volunteer is because it was a Star of Hope volunteer who touched her heart and inspired her to change!


In the years I have worked at Star of Hope, I have received similar phone calls from a number of former clients. Each time, I am reminded of the impact our volunteers make on the lives of those who are struggling through dark, difficult times. Regardless of the specific jobs with which volunteers assist, their presence brings new hope to our clients and is a tangible demonstration of Christ’s love. Volunteers remind our clients that they have real worth and value as people; that they are important to others; and that better days are indeed ahead. As I hear over and over from former clients, the investment of time and energy, love and compassion made by our volunteers can have powerful, life-changing results!


As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, on behalf of each client whose life has been touched and forever changed by a Star of Hope volunteer, “Thank you for giving to the Lord, we are the lives that were changed! Thank you for giving to the Lord, we are so glad you gave!”

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