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Willis Volunteers Staff Call Center and So Much More!

Imagine what it must be like to be out on the streets with no place to call home. Frantically, you search for shelter and a safe place to fall asleep. That’s when you remember that someone told you about Star of Hope. In desperation, you put your last two quarters in the payphone, hoping with everything you have left inside that you can talk with someone, that you don't get a recording.


Although most of us are used to automated telephone systems, navigating menus can be a frustrating process. And if this is the only call you can make, it’s even worse. 


At Star of Hope, our goal is for every caller to reach a “live” voice – to get the help and answers each caller needs and deserves. To accomplish this goal, we opened a call center that is staffed entirely by volunteers


No one has taken a more active role in the call center than our friends from Willis of Texas, IncAbout 30 Willis employees staff both the morning and afternoon shifts every Wednesday. Thanks to Willis and other call center volunteers, each call is promptly answered by a friendly voice that’s filled with compassion. Once calls are answered, volunteers remain on the line until callers receive the help they need - even praying with callers. Volunteers are not interested in the number of calls they answer, but in delivering the best possible service.  It is far more than simply answering the phone, it is a ministry! 


Our friends at Willis have been very generous with their time, and yet, found a way to do even more during the holidays. In addition to volunteering in our kitchens and at the Christmas Workshop, they also raised $5,550 to purchase gifts for moms and dads at our Women & Family Emergency Shelter and men in the recovery programs at the Men’s Development Center. Not only will there be gifts for the children, but for the adults, too. No one has been forgotten!


Through friends like Willis, we see how God meets all of our needs – not only at Christmas, but throughout the year!

Learn how you can help Houston's homeless with Star of Hope. Visit Community Service Volunteers Houston.

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